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Pasco County Women's Shelter - Catholic Charities

Women and Children Emergency Shelter.

Serves homeless women and homeless women who have children in Pasco County.

Provides support services and temporary/transitional shelter for homeless women and homeless women with children in Pasco County.  Serves 20 women and children with wrap around services.

Pasco County Women's Shelter - Catholic Charities Mission Statement


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  • Reply User   2019-02-20 11:32:11

    Mom been put out and she has no where to go she's 63 and needs a place to go

  • Reply User   2018-01-09 18:58:31

    Hi my name is priscila i have a daugther she have 5 years old she go to the kindergarden im single mom i don't have job but im go to college study english my problem is i don't have house for living with my baby and transportation too. I speak spanish i have 34 years old .. You can help me please now? Im christian women.

  • Reply User   2019-05-22 16:14:44

    Hi I've been renting a house in Pasco county holiday Florida for about a year now. The landlord decided that he will not be renewing my lease and I need to find somewhere to go by the end of June. I work minimum wage barely working due to a sitter since my 8 yr old is almost done with school for the summer and I have nowhere to go I have no family out here my days are counted I need help asap..

  • Reply User   2019-03-29 13:52:28

    I've been homeless for a while. I've been jumping around a lot n can't afford the rents people are asking. I'm on social security and need help!! I'm 59 yrs old female in desperate need of a shelter or transitional housing. Can u help??

  • Reply User   2019-02-11 12:31:15

    I am an elderly woman who is homeless. I am trying to find out if there is room I am by myself. Thank you

  • Reply User   2019-05-27 11:49:24

    I'm 57 years old..can't find a job..and being threatend everyday! The man sexually abuses me on a regular bases..and I can't take it anymore. Can you help me? Thank you, Kim

  • Reply User   2019-06-19 07:51:01

    Please I have a week left then I am out on the streets with my 8 yr old.

  • Reply User   2019-08-18 12:43:10

    I ha very good friend whose husband drinks a lot. She received a prescription for her anxiety attacks and he refuses to get it filled for her. He says she doesn't need it. She is besides herself. She has had 2 stillborn births and one son who suffocated after her husband put him in bed with them at 3 months old. She really needs to get out of this relationship very soon. She is unable to work due to her panic attacks. Please let me know if you would be able to help her.

  • Reply User   2019-09-16 18:40:27

    Do you only provide shelter to women and children if they are Christian or Catholic? I am not, and will not be either of those. I am a survivor of child sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse from ages 5-16. I moved out on my own at 16 and finished high school, had my 1st child at 17, and went straight to college for Massage Therapy. I have been a licensed massage therapist for almost 15 years. I work for a chiropractor. I've only been there 3 weeks, and I'm currently making less than $1000/mo. I have no addictions other than nicotine and haven't smoked cigarettes in 7 years. I do however, vape an ecig. I have had failed relationships with men who are abusive, and have NO family and NO friends. I will need shelter in the next 4 weeks. If this is going to be based on religion, I'll just sleep in my van. Please LMK what your agenda is so I know what I'm going to be able to do. My only focus is on my career and kids, and emotional and physical health for us all. I have never stayed at a shelter before, and I've worked very hard to get where I am, but I seem to be at a disadvantage financially right now. This would only be temporary until I could get housing of my own. TIA

  • Reply User   2019-11-05 20:13:36

    I'm with a very verbally abusive spouse.I have two small children and can't take it anymore. Please help me get my children and myself peace again. I can get a job . I can start over again.

  • Reply User   2019-12-02 09:59:24

    I need help today with a place to stay i have no family here PLEASE HELP ASAP

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