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Memphis Family Shelter

Emergency Shelter Women and their Children Only

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  • Reply User   2012-08-08 00:00:00

    This shelter is the most inconsiderate etsablishement i have ever been a part of i recommend that anybody thats about to be homeless consider any other option. I would not advise any single woman with children to live there. They nag you about the dumbest stuff from chores to curfew. It is literally a step up from being in jail. They dont care of you and yours kids are standing alone outside in the dark if you are 1 minute late for curfew you and your kids are out of luck. They ask u to by food that you never see prepared they tell when you can eat your own groceries. Its a real diagrace u are confined to a room with nothing to occupy yourself with but solitude. The so called monitors are lazy bitter old women that will try to force u to leave with their petty ways. If you have to leave in a hurry you are out of luck i have stood at the front gate sometimes for 45 minutes in the heat with my children waiting for a monitor to push a button. If you get thirsty in the middle of the night its warm bathroom water at your disposal. God forbid u have something to do that dont meet up with their curfew you can either take care of ypur business pr jepordize your so called place to live. I give memphis family shelter a big fat F.... They treat grown women like children themselves.oh and if you have a cell phone you wont be able to talk on it no where in the buliding except for in your cell i mean \"room\". The monitors are very unprofessional i wittnessed everything from verbal abuse to the monitors bad mouthing the residents on her phone by the way she can use anywhere in the building. In conclusion the resident manager is hated by everyone including the monitors. They will inspect your room at their discretion and they will tell you the rules after you have signed the paperwork not before. They make up all kinds of crap as they go and if u leave its a certain time u can do it but its not a certain time for u to move in. This place will stress you out more than u are before you get there. Take it from someone who has been there its not really worth it for a room and bored and free hairdo by the way its done by a student not a professional. The only good thing these people have for me is taught me never to get involved in the system. Its not designed to help you its designed to cut you off from the real world and turn you into a clinically depressed individual. Its sick how the women have adapted to this type of confinement. To all the women i left behind i pray that god bless all of you with a real home for you and your children!!!!!!

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