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Our Father's Family Keeper Ministries

Our Father's Family Keeper Ministries offers Transition Housing to community members in need.

This program provides assistance to individuals or families facing housing insecurity. 

After an individualized assessment, guests are provided with a place to live while working their way back to independence.

OFFKM's program offers structure and guidance as well as assistance in solving the problems that led to the housing insecurity.

Our Father's Family Keeper Ministries Mission Statement


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  • Reply User   2019-04-23 20:49:16

    My daughter is 30 and pregnant.. She reconnected with me upon my return to the area as I have lived in Florida for the past 7 years.Her history is one shaded with one bad mistake after another. Her background in youth was of love, and every advantage a child could have from piano to ballet, She started college at 15, has a degree in psychology and has wrecked one job after another, one honorable relationship after another.Now homeless,and making no sense of her lifestyle except to tell me the baby,s father is in prison for drugs,she has not been to a doctor yet and she is I believe 5-6 months along.I am disabled and have no idea how to help her. Tonight she wrote to me that she was facially punched by the lady she was staying with and now she is staying in an empty house with no electric and no hot water.She is not making any sense to me. How may I find help for her? I do and always have loved her and although I have been home here in Niles for 4 months she has not come to see me.Please do write back and assist me with perhaps a place she could go and be safe.

  • Reply User   2019-09-07 08:41:10

    Hey I am single mother of three who was married to dry dealer for 13years I have never been I those shoes like she never been in mine. What I can tell u is have faith in a higher power love I am living with my mom and step dad for the first time in 17 years and im only 32, I have been indepented my whole life and now have tgat taken from me and I so hard going thru divorce no car after 17 years he has it and does nothing for his kids. I ask u dear pray for her u have gave her everythjng a mother can do LOVE and Structure snd wealth it sounds like. Let her make her path all u can do is call CPS I flordia and request for the kids to be found they will most likely help. Praying for u 7

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