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Women's Residential & Couseling Center Inc

The Coalition prides itself on its ability to keep families together during their time of crisis.

In fact, they are one of the few emergency shelters in the area that accepts intact families.

In addition to shelter and nutritious meals, homeless families at the Coalition work with a case manager to build a budget and savings account, and to develop a plan for self-sufficiency.

Women's Residential & Couseling Center Inc Mission Statement


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  • Reply User   2020-06-23 12:11:35

    Me and my 3 children were put out on the streets we have no family and no where to go im currently pregnant and is in desperate need of a place to stay.

  • Reply User   2019-07-11 11:08:25

    I'm fleeing from my husband.. Totally confused.. I'm desperate for help.

  • Reply User   2019-07-17 10:53:57

    Hi me and my family are looking for shelter I currently live in fort myers fl and need to know what I have to do in order to go to the shelter in Orlando

  • Reply User   2019-07-23 13:27:26

    I'm staying at a family member house but can't stay there much longer have no one else .trying to find a job no place to stay any information you can give me thank you I'm In east Orlando

  • Reply User   2019-07-29 09:44:10

    Currently staying with in laws but need to leave immediate. Have a well paying job. Currently pregnant and just need a roof over my head. Please help.

  • Reply User   2019-08-22 19:32:22

    I was abuse by my son father now am homeless with 2 boys I need y’all help plsssss 911

  • Reply User   2019-09-27 07:51:38

    Staying in hotel right now and need help finding a place for me and my three kids.This cost of living is draining me I have a good job and been working almost everyday to survive living in this place.We dont have a place to go until Im able to build up my credit and save money.I have taken out loans just to survive now paying them back I usually dont have 200 out of my checks unless I do overtime.Can someone please contact me as soon as possible.I just need some type of help so I can get on my feet.

  • Reply User   2019-10-26 14:06:15

    Hi I stay in homestead currently trying to escape my husband and fight this addiction. Please someone help. I have a 3year old and I'm pregnant. I need a way out willing to start all over again. No one to turn to. Please help

  • Reply User   2019-11-10 09:00:49

    Estoy huyendo de mi ex pareja ex convicto por muchos casos ya esta otra vez a punto de salir y en pr no es igual q alla no brega de igual manera y aqui el siempre me consigue dinde quiera q me meta tengo 4 hijos 2 niños y 2 niñas ninguno de el solo me crió los 2 pequeños a mi familia le da igual pq dicen q yo me lo busque q nadie me manda pero yo quisiera irme de pr ya q el me amenaza y yo no quiero volver con el quiero salir adelante con mis hijos ya q tienen condiciones y aqui no me dan la ayuda para ellos como se supone. Quiero q me ayden por favor tengo 28 años madre divorciada y papa no me ayda como es solo cuando y como le de la gana no rengo familia en estados unidos para irme con ellos pq me piden irme sola primero establecerme y dejar los nenes aca para cuando me establezca mandarlos a buscar pero tan poco tengo con quien dejarlos aca y noo quiero dejarlos nunca me quiero separar de ellos. Quisiera q por favor me ayuden

  • Reply User   2019-12-30 12:06:13

    I'm new here to Florida moved here with my 13 teen year old daughter my sister and husband they had a domestic violence situation cps got involved so I had to find somewhere else to go I live in Ocoee now and my roomates are moving out I'm tryin to get in a good shelter close to my job and get help getting my own place we have no where to go

  • Reply User   2020-01-21 16:56:54

    I'm a single mother of a 15 mth old fleeing from domestic violence I am new here to Florida don't have a car, money or family . Need help with shelter and food for my child.

  • Reply User   2020-02-28 07:41:59

    Just got kick out and I need a place to stay with my 17 year old son is there a way to get help?

  • Reply User   2020-05-24 16:08:39

    life is kicking my butt right now i am trying to stay above water but its hard with no help i lost my job i am homeless i dont have kids i am alone in the world i need help some one to talk to

  • Reply User   2020-07-06 13:09:24

    Hi my name Miesha and me and my sister are about to be homeless I have a 5yr old and a baby on the way and she have a 5month old we work we just need some help and we need it before Thursday please email me back thank you ...

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