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Avalon A Center For Women And Children

To intervene in and reduce the incidence of domestic violence and sexual assault.

In order to achieve this mission, Avalon offers shelter, advocacy, education and support to survivors and fosters awareness and prevention by educating the community.

Avalon A Center For Women And Children Mission Statement

“Avalon Center works to end domestic and sexual violence by breaking the cycle of abuse through prevention, education, shelter and support services in the Ninth Judicial Circuit and surrounding areas. ”

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  • User   2018-09-21 11:53:14

    This is supposed to be a shelter for women and children that is in the need of help but unfortunately the shelter will kick you out in a matter of two months if you have a place to live or not they don't care believe me they kicked me out within 80 Days of staying there I worked 5 days a week I had no money for extra spendings besides paying my bills I had no money for a hotel so I would have to sleep in my car shower at someone's house and iron my clothes for work I'm not sure what they have the transitional homes for, but within 3 days I was out , i did not cause any problems I always did my chores and my area was the only area in the whole entire building that stayed 100% neat and clean and I always mind my own business I guess I just did not fit in with the others so I was booted out, there's some of the women that's been there forever and is still there and I don't think that was fair, first the assistant director looked at me with a straight face and said I needed to be out in a matter of a few days, once I got my extension the director herself looked at me with a straight face and said I need to be out in a matter of 3 days the caseworker that was helping me to move things along was really sweet and nice at the beginning but at the end of me staying there she she made a phone call to an agency that may help me the lady on the other end made a really nasty remark my case worker said yeah that's exactly what I thought and they both laughed about it I thought that was really really wrong and it was hurtful. It such a shame people in this world have to be like that just because they are not wearing your shoes.

  • User   2019-08-11 09:48:10

    Hello, I have toiletries I would like to donate to you? Would you like them, it is hair shampoo and conditioner and shaving cream all new? I can bring it to you

  • User   2019-09-10 11:41:04

    my women's ministry at chuch would like to donate pocketbooks filled with toiletries. do you accept this.

  • User   2019-10-10 18:38:12

    I have women’s clothes, shoes, and purses I’d like to donate. Where should I drop them off?

  • User   2020-03-04 08:22:24

    I have adult diapers (M and XL), adult pull-ups, single hospital sheets (2) and blankets (2), wet-proof underpads, 2 boxes of nitrile exam gloves, and a variety of women's lotions and creams.that I can donate. Please advise if you have any interest.

  • User   2020-06-26 13:34:48

    Need a temporary home been bouncing from relatives to in virginia.left was kicked out back in march 2020 from my daughters father. Me and my 5 yr old need a place to stay. I just got a job have not gone to work yet just need help to get on my feet

  • User   2021-02-21 12:07:52

    Hello, i just started couponing and i have items (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and others i would like to donate.

  • User   2022-01-05 19:06:40

    I have women's clothes, shoes and purses to donate. How can I get these to you?

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