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CARITAS helps the most vulnerable neighbors break the cycles of addiction and homelessness to reclaim their dignity.

CARITAS is Richmonds largest emergency shelter, sheltering up to 110 people per night, and more than 1,000 people annually.

Provide more than 90% of the shelter beds available to single women and nearly half of all shelter beds in the Richmond area.

The hard work of 15,000 volunteers and 150+ host congregations creates a safe and hospitable place for the most vulnerable citizens.

Caritas Mission Statement

“United by our compassion, CARITAS helps our most vulnerable neighbors break the cycles of homelessness and addiction to reclaim their dignity. ”

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posted Nov 14, 2023

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  • User   2018-03-05 13:25:08

    Hello: Our church Women's Ministry is on a mission to help those in need with special focus on helping homeless and vulnerable women. our mission this year is to collect and donate personal hygiene items to a woman's shelter in need. Please let me know if your shelter would be interested in our donated items and if so, what's the standard guidelines for donations.

  • User   2018-11-29 23:48:02

    I need a place to stay. Left an emotionally anusive bf and went to my mom. She’s just as abusive. I’m leaving in the morning. Can you help me please?

  • User   2018-12-06 08:33:09

    Hello,I'm homeless with 2 kids but they are in different houses right now until I can get back on my feet it's taking a really hard time and I know I can't sleep on a friends floor forever do you have any beds available and if so for how long can I stay in do work too

  • User   2019-01-22 21:52:44

    Im getting put out at the end of febuary. With two kids 2 years old and a 1 year old . i got a job i dont know for how much longer cause i crashed my car this morning . is there anyway yoy guys can help

  • User   2019-06-20 09:10:14

    Looking for a shelter for myself trying to get away from my husband who has no respect for me or my feeling

  • User   2019-06-27 09:03:39

    I really need help I’m pregnant and I have a 3 year old I was recently put out from my moms house I just need help getting back on my feet anything can help I really don’t want to sleep in my car with my son

  • User   2019-07-06 16:40:56

    I'm a homeless mother whose children stay with there grandma I work but been house hopping for a year. If someone can help me I would appreciate it.. I'm fighting a custody battle to get my kids back

  • User   2019-12-07 16:27:59

    I have been living in my car for about two months now, my husband is in jail. I have no more money or gas. I do have three cats living in the car with me. I find it very hard to find a job with no phone or limited access to wifi.

  • User   2020-01-10 22:31:52

    Hello, I have ready to feed baby formula that my twin grandchildren no longer need. I would like to donate . Please advise if you are able to accept it. I can be contacted at the email provided.

  • User   2020-07-03 04:21:01

    Hello, I am being evicted on july 5th, i had other arrangements for housing that just fell through today. im able to work and this week i got a job at a resturant. Could you please contact me and let me know of any temporary options that might be availble as i transition into other housing over tjhe next few weeks? Thank you

  • User   2020-09-14 10:27:08

    Hello I'm pregnant and I have a 3year old I'm homeless and I really need help tryna get back on my feet because I dont want to be homeless with a newborn can yall please help me out

  • User   2020-11-02 07:58:25

    I am cleaning my closet out and was wondering if you take donations of clothing, shoes, blankets, sheets, etc.

  • User   2020-11-10 06:06:44

    Hello, i really need some help. I am expecting my first child and me and my boyfriend might not be able to make rent. Is there any beds available for us??

  • User   2020-11-15 15:40:53

    Hello, I've cleaned out our coat closet. I have many winter items coats, gloves, scarves and hats. I was wondering if you accept donations. Thank you.

  • User   2023-06-19 06:13:38

    Do you accept gently used baby clothing?

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