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Carriage Town Ministries

Carriage Town Ministries provide help, hope and the Good News to the community through the skills and means of God’s people and the transforming power of Christ’s love. 

CTM provides vital life training and education.

Clients are given a Personal Success Plan (PSP) that helps them establish not just goals, but also a plan for achieving those goals.

Every person served has a unique story and unique set of needs.

Prayer is for great change to take place in the hearts and lives of all who come to CTM.

Carriage Town Ministries Mission Statement

““Our mission is to provide help, hope and the Good News to our community through the skills and means of God’s people and the transforming power of Christ’s love.” ”

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  • Reply User   2019-05-24 09:12:18

    Hi My LaFonya Gray I Need To Have Some Where To Stay Don't Know What I'm Going To Do There Are Not No More Opening Out There Please Help Me I Got A Apartment Waiting For Me But Can't Get In It Until The 31 Th Until I Get My Money Where I Was At Couldn't Stay Because I Couldn't Afford The Rent AnyMore I Have Been Calling Ever Since Tuesday Please I Need Help I'm On The Street Because I'm Out Of Money To Stay At A Hotel

  • Reply User   2019-04-13 15:27:56

    I live in Greenville Ms I was trying to come and move there next month I don't know anybody there I was gone need some assistance with somewhere to stay

  • Reply User   2019-12-19 09:45:16

    Hi my name is Melissa I live with my second husband who is verbally abusive. I keep thinking things will get better if I stick it out but I have noticed I am becoming a shell of the person I use to be. In the past I have had issues with substance abuse but am addressing them now and am clean since March 2019. I don't know where to turn I am currently unemployed but am looking for a job. Please help me. God Bless

  • Reply User   2020-01-09 04:55:08

    In September of 2019, my now one year old twins and I were evicted from my apartment and we don't really have anywhere to live. We were given temporary shelter at a friend's house but, our stay has come to a end. I don't have a job or anyway to go.

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