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Charis House Shelter For Women

Charis House Shelter For Women.

Run by rescue mission ministries.

This is an emergency shelter for women and women with children.

Charis House is for women and children experiencing a homeless crisis.

Imagine being homeless and unable to provide for your children.

That's the reality for a growing number of women and children in their community.

At Charis House, these women not only find relief from homelessness, but they're also able to heal and move forward.

Their restorative programs equip them to find jobs and housing, navigate life's challenges, experience emotional stability and grow in their relationship with Christ.

Beds: 78ProgramShort-term residential programTypically 3-6 months. Long-term residential program, typically 12-18 months. Intensive services enable women to move past root causes of homelessness.

Women's MinistryFocuses on recovery from trauma, addiction and self-defeating choices.

Includes education in parenting, anger management, life skills, goal setting, job readiness and spiritual growth.

Children's MinistryDesigned to stop the generational pattern of homelessness.

Focuses on life skills, character building, spiritual development and educational enrichment.

DistinctivesNo age limit for children.

All Charis House program are free of charge and attend to the whole person, meeting spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs.

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posted Sep 29, 2020

Do you have to be married to stay here as a couple? (Do not enter private information; it may be published.)
Yes, not sure about same sex couples though.
posted Feb 17, 2023

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  • User   2020-11-29 18:01:51

    Hi, I'm a mother of 5 but I have only one living with me. I just got out of jail in october. I was living with my cousin and had rooms for my children and I. While I was incarcerated my brother and his kids moved in. I am currently sleeping on the couch with my son (6 years old). Something happened to my son and he's acting out. I can no longer stay here. I don't have anywhere else to go with my son. I'm trying to go back to school online and I've applied for jobs. I recently applied for food stamps, tanf, and Medicaid to help with my son. I'm now a felon for the first mistake I've made, breaking the law. I'm struggling with my faith in God and reaching out for help. I've never accepted that I couldn't take care of myself or my children on my own until now. I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me even if you don't have anymore room for him and I. Any advice or redirection to another organization that could help me would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • User   2019-07-31 21:58:24

    Hi, I’m looking for shelter for me and my 13yr old son l’m coming from Chicago Illinois on the 26th of August and needing a new beginning with my son, I would love to come stay there. thank you and god bless.

  • User   2019-07-02 20:54:29

    I'm looking for shelter

  • User   2019-11-15 13:08:20

    I am a mother of 2 ages 4 + 7 and am in need of your services. I have left my husband, because I am afraid, Afraid for me and my children. I know he is going to try to get my children from me. I have no family willing to help me, and I honestly don't blame them because I have left him so many times before and have kept going back. But I can't go back this time. Are you able you're willing to help me. I don't know if I qualify, or what the qualifications are. And what the process is. I've been to the courthouse to get a restraining order but it has not been processed yet. Can you please let me know if you can help me. I am staying with practically a stranger and can't stay here much longer. Can you help me? If so what do I do next

  • User   2020-03-30 15:17:50

    I rent a house with 2 bedrooms. I am a 60 year. Old Christian woman, single, no kids. I’d like to help another woman. The rent would be a lot less than normal rents due to their circumstances. Please feel free to contact me at the email address listed.

  • User   2020-04-20 21:21:28

    I am homeless I lost my apartment and my car. My 4 kids are staying with their dads while I am jumping from friend to friend to stay a night or two here and there. I miss my kids. I miss my own place with my own bed. Can you please help me?

  • User   2020-04-20 21:24:00

    I am a single mother and homeless. I need help.

  • User   2020-07-13 18:34:11

    I need to know if you have any openings for possibly long term program. I have about a week before I am completely homeless and I. Pregnant.

  • User   2020-09-30 09:05:05

    Do u have to b married to stay w ur partner at the house .

  • User   2020-10-14 04:35:22

    I am a 26 year old woman who is in need of services. I moved from Ohio and life has just taken a tole and I'm in a hole and don't know how to get out of the hole I'm in.

  • User   2021-04-09 03:46:41

    Hi am 35 yrs old going through a divorce, me n my kids moved here n because of evicted its so hard to find a place, am in such a horrible situation.

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