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Chatanooga Room In The Inn

Chattanooga Room in the Inn (CRITI) is a three to nine month residential program for homeless women and children.
Services provided at CRITI are free of charge and include transitional housing, three meals a day, access to affordable or free health care, life skills training, parenting classes, mentoring, assistance with finding affordable housing, and case management services.
This program allows the women and their children to find stability and thereby increase their opportunities and chances for independence when they leave the program.

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  • Reply User   2019-05-24 08:28:30

    Hello my name is Maria, I am 25 and have a 1 year old son. We live in Dalton with my family and well it's a very toxic and abusive environment for not just me but my son. I need to get us out of here right away. We are not wanted here. The only reason they allow me to stay is because they don't want my son in the street. My mom won't watch my son so I can go get a job. She hates having us around.

  • Reply User   2019-04-06 13:19:40

    My daughter Lauren could really use your help. Here is some things about Lauren. Seems like a long time ago, but Lauren has a big heart. And would do anything for anybody. Even before she would do for herself. This is when it got all Lauren is 30 yrs old. She has two kids. A son that is 16, and a daughter that is 8 yrs old. They are living with their father's My husband I have taken care of Lauren since she was 14 and had had her son. To help her take care of him.then she continued to live with us off and on since then. Last year, almost a year ago, she married the father of her daughter. Not long after that she left him and moved her and her daughter in with me and my husband. She started hanging out The time before this time, she went to jail, she was in Silverdale in November, and my husband died. She loved her stepfather like a father. I had to go stay with my sister, cause I was devastated. I guess she had been doing drugs. Her stepfather dieting hit her hard. She was now homeless, her kids were living with their father's. She left her daughter with her husband, her daughter's father and started doing drugs a lot and shoplifting. Her son's father had her picked up for child support. So she has been in Silverdale for over a month, goes to court on April 11th. She should be getting out in a week to two weeks. She wants help so bad, So she can get her life straightened out for herself and her kids.She said she won't do any of the things she did before. She wants a job. A place to sleep. So she can be a better person for her kids, so they don't see her for any of the things she has done. And.think that that should be any part of the way life should be.

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