Shelby, NC - 28151
(704) 487-9325

Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council

Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council is located in Shelby, NC, the Cleveland county abuse prevention council, inc. provides quality, confidential services to survivors of:
  • domestic violence
  • rape
  • sexual assault
  • homelessness
  • and homemaker displacement
They do so by providing safe shelter, advocacy, support services, and preventive education.
In addition to serving as Cleveland County’s only rape crisis center, the Abuse Prevention Council provides the following services free or at little cost to most clients:    
24-hour Crisis Hotline    
  • Safe shelter    
  • Court advocacy    
  • Professional counseling    
  • Support groups    
  • Career planning    
  • Hospital accompaniment    
  • Supportive housing    
  • Comprehensive case management
For additional information about these and other services they may provide, please call them at 704-487-9325.
If you are experiencing crisis, please call their Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Line at 704-481-0043.
Your confidential call will be answered by a live person, 24 hours a day.

Cleveland County Abuse Prevention Council Mission Statement


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  • Reply User   2019-07-14 14:29:18

    Need emergency housing for my six boys and self. Was laid off and now will start back working a new job the 18 th as a caregiver. I need help please

  • Reply User   2019-09-05 09:31:28

    Pack 39 boy scouts would little to do a charitable act by donating to your center Could you please email a supply list?

  • Reply User   2019-09-22 17:43:47

    I have 4 kids I also have a pyscharist I see monthly . My 12 yr old has a speech problem which she is starting to speak a lot better however my 8 yr daughter struggles in school she is considered having a learning disorder as a disability.March 29 I was laid off there dad went without social security cards and filed all my kids without my knowledge until I went he then has a truck plus a bunch of bucks my mini van had both names so he then takes that back as if I was not down enough .He then started telling the community I was on drugs dss totally became involved with me ,I then out of the blue was picked up by dss /social services and given a urine ,swab,blood,hair folic drug test it took about two weeks to come back negative this is still where I can have copies.He finally gave me 3,000 dollars at this point I’m in the middle of a nervous breakdown this too is on paper .500 went on a rental myself and kids had been stuck in a home for over a month .I have a social worker that I have access for her to speak to my counselor at my psychiatrist office.The ending of school my kids and I was told to go to a hotel so I did trying with everything I had left to find and get us housing I stayed near there schools with hopes from my social worker also being in a act program to the peer partners at my psychiatrist office . Now this man had came in and had sex with me my son hearing me scream stop get off of me also laughing as I started to fall because I was trying and doing so taking care of my kids that I’d be mentally an physically to tired to eat of course me not realizing he takes it all but the kid while in the hotel my social worker cane one time we wer e not there .She had me running around all these apartment complexes while I couldn’t even hold my head up beaten up with shame this man drug me and my son like dogs in front of my kids . As he was never a active father it is all about me needless to say my 17 yr old driven me to my grandmother who can’t house all of us but also heard the promises of what social services was going do the peer partners . I received nothing except broken promises doing all they wanted . I had to come back with the kids now this is ten times worse and he is the one on drugs he was doing all he said I was but told by my social worker who only wanted to see he had a house told him to just keep them my kids weee in bad shape so I came back no one is aware of there is no hope also a shelter is all if any are open I was written out of work untill I received my strength back and weight .The story can go on

  • Reply User   2020-02-18 12:52:24

    What do you do when you are oppressed by a spouse you care about but is alway disrespected and called ugly in front of your kids? He almost hit me today... Is there a place that is safe for a gale like me? I am trying so hard but there is no help. No family... I am just tired.

  • Reply User   2020-03-09 16:42:40

    Please help me I'm in a domestic situation my counselor says I need to get out as quickly as possibleplease help me

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