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Gulf Coast Women's Center For Nonviolence

Their Center opened as a safe house in 1977, providing help to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
Since then, the Center has grown to be the largest, most comprehensive program in the State of Mississippi.

Gulf Coast Women's Center For Nonviolence Mission Statement

“The mission of the Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Nonviolence is to support and serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and family members of homicide victims; educate the community; and act to reduce incidences of violence. ”

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  • User   2019-04-01 17:45:53

    Do you take donations? I have women’s clothes sizes 8,10 & 12 used but in good condition the clothes have been hanging in my closet.

  • User   2019-03-24 21:20:21

    My daughter is in Gulfport, Mississippi and is in an abusive relationship. Is there a way that your shelter can help her?

  • User   2018-07-18 21:26:58

    I’m pregnant and don’t have anywhere to go i have been sleeping in my car since sunday night do you have anything available

  • User   2019-05-23 09:43:01

    Please help me to find a place to stay until I get my Section 8 voucher is finalized. I was forced to leave my home because of threats from an unknown person.

  • User   2019-05-23 09:35:05

    Viewing your website this seems like the type of assistance I require. I have a Section 8 voucher that is in good standing. I really need a place to stay and assistance in securing adequate housing. I am a 61 year old disabled lady, if there is anything you can do please. Thank you.

  • User   2019-01-26 12:33:15

    I was wondering if you would need some donations. I have bathing tolietries and other items. Please email me if they are needed. Thank you.

  • User   2019-01-28 02:40:05

    I have an 2yr old baby and no where to go I'm trying to leave Lauderdale county it's not safe here for us please help!

  • User   2019-02-26 09:53:48

    My sister is in Alabama and in a place that they are treating her and her kids differently than the others that are there. She feels she is being singled out. She wants to be closer to me but I just don't have the room. Could you please direct me to someone who could help us. It would be greatly appreciated!

  • User   2019-04-25 18:38:35

    I am worried about my sister-in-law who is living on the Gulf Coast at this time. From her recent communication w me, i suspect her marriage has taken an abusive turn (verbally, mentally, sexually). It has been getting worse over the past few years. What can i do to help her exit this situation before something bad happens? I live out of state, her job requires she stay local

  • User   2019-05-25 22:45:36

    My 92 year old mother has moved to an assisted living facility. I am responsible for emptying and preparing the house for sale. Do you accept used items? What do you need? What do you not accept? Anytime or specific days? Thank you for the work you do.

  • User   2019-08-27 19:44:00

    Help..I am a living victim of domestic violence of 18 years. Divorced now. Previously had surgery that has disabled me to barely work. My ssi is soon to be started, but I have no help .due to the divorce I have been burdened financially and physically. No family nor friends .nor income .I'm staying in a mobile home now that is molded and no ac. I have no food, no grooming, and just need a new chapter in my life now.i dont do drugs ,nor drink.but did have a guy staying with me to help me and he 2 has been physically abusing me. Please ..i have no where to go

  • User   2019-09-10 09:00:34

    I need to know if there are any open beds at this location?

  • User   2019-09-22 23:21:34

    Do u have a place for a me n my two child?

  • User   2019-10-13 08:15:12

    Hi, I've been in an abusive relationship that I desperately need to get out of. And I have nowhere to go. How long can i stay there and can you help me find a place to live? I'm on Disability. I get 2 checks a month. On the 1st and 3rd. Can you help me with this? Thank you!

  • User   2019-10-21 14:51:06

    my 9 yr old son whom has asphburgers and I have left a abusive home and we have no where to live he's home schooled and I am disabled from a spine injury can you please help us to get in housing for my son's safety.

  • User   2019-11-07 12:31:01

    What kind of supplies do you need for your ladies and their children?

  • User   2020-01-10 20:51:39

    I Am Trying too Speak too young Woman who are in An Abusive Relationship...I Am A Survivor...

  • User   2020-01-15 04:16:34

    I live in Baton Rouge LA I'm trying to relocate to Biloxi or Gulfport MS to find work, I've worked at several Casinos in Louisiana. I know it will be easy to get a job there. Every apartment complex says that I have to employed at six months in Biloxi or Gulfport MS to get a apartment. But I can't make that move because I have no where to live.

  • User   2020-01-20 10:56:53

    I’m in a abusive relationship & do have a job but I was living with my boyfriend he beat me up & kicked me out now homeless & need help please ..I ive been out for a week because of the abuse & I have no where to ove

  • User   2020-02-08 17:37:22

    Can any shelters use a king size mattress that has been gently used for less than a year? Or does anyone know of a rescue mission or veterans' organization that could use it?

  • User   2020-05-14 13:56:37

    I am needing help with finding a place to stay so bad.

  • User   2021-06-02 22:33:22

    I have many supplies toothpaste, brushes, soap, feminine products and clothes I have been saving to set up give away bags for homeless. Unfortunately my health decided maybe that was going to be more than I could handle. The clothes are plus size but all in good shape I am now retired so jeans and T’s are comfortable, don’t need the clothes I did before.

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