Amarillo, TX - 79114
(806) 358-7803

Patsy's Place Transitional Home

Patsy's Place is a Christ-centered transitional home in Amarillo, Texas.

The volunteers and staff nurture and mentor women as they struggle to cope with the overwhelming obstacles they face almost immediately upon release from county jail or prison.

Our program is a one year commitment. During that year, the women we serve go through life skills classes. The classes they go through are classes such as cognitive thinking, jobs for life, financial skills, Bible studies, and much more.

After a completion of 4 months taking classes, they are then required to find a job and work with a mentor and a financial coach.

The transitional home only takes women that are being released from jail or prison.

There is an application process that they must go through. To start, they would have to write and let us know they are interested. Any woman seeking to go to Patsy's Place needs to write to PO Box 7160, Amarillo, TX 79106

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