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Rescue Mission Of Mahoning Valley

The goal of the Rescue Mission is to help people who come from these and many other unfortunate circumstances attain that dream.
Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley offers four full programs designed to help those they serve at various stages of their lifes journey.
Those programs are a transitional program, a job-tracking/work program, discipleship academy and an alumni program.

Rescue Mission Of Mahoning Valley Mission Statement

“Mission PURPOSE STATEMENT By God's grace, the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we promote accountability and provide food and emergency shelter to men, women and children experiencing hunger and homelessness.”

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  • User   2018-08-20 14:29:23

    What is required to come stay there., I am currently staying with my boyfriend whose wanting me to leave his apt. I have 2 teenagers but they have been staying with other family members til I make enough $ to get our own apt., last month I just finished paying off my truck, I have never been in this position before And my boyfriend and I have been together for 8 yrs. I am lil shell shocked to say the least. Just needed some information since I've never had to do this., Thank you

  • User   2019-12-27 13:44:00

    Ive been in a bad situation for about 6yrs since i lost my home due to a woman putting false charges on me and i went to jail, only to have to bail out with rent money. I carry a paper around so important ppl know the charges were false. Since that Ive been living on and off with my children, i had 10. I having a terrible disease called Lupus and I care for my 9 yr old daughter, whom I love dearly with epilepsy. Me and her stick together. I also have 2 more that aren't adults yet, 16 and 17 but they dont pay me any attention. I have one of those family members that just has made my life a living hell, shes turned my own kids against me. But Im tired, Lupus is a awful disease it makes me feel just weird at times and my thinking is off due to so much on one person. So Im homeless and I shouldnt be homeless. What I do at my childrens houses is never enough. Yes this is all true. Im just summing it up. Its not a way a Mother who raised all these kids on her own along with being beat up for years should be subject to live. I dont believe Im needed or loved any longer. So its nobody, like nobody?

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