Hammond, LA - 70404

SAFE (Southeast Advocates for Family Empowerment)

Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention Organization helping empower domestic violence victims and their children to live safe, violence-free lives.

Services offered:

  • 24/hr. Crisis Line Although regular business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
  • a SAFE Advocate is available after hours and on weekends to take crisis calls and assist survivors with any emergency.  
  • Safety Planning SAFE Advocates discuss detailed safety planning with every survivor that contacts their agency. 

In doing this, Advocates assist survivors with thinking of different ways to ensure their safety in the event that they encounter a violent or otherwise dangerous situation.  

Individual and Group counseling for survivors of family violence and their children

Adult Advocate and a Child Advocate are available to meet individually with survivors and/or their children  

Emergency Shelter / Housing SAFE’s emergency shelter services provides immediate shelter for victims and their children fleeing a domestic violence situation.

SAFE’s Transitional Housing Program offers survivors with a safe, confidential place to live as they are making the transition out of their abusive situation. 

The Transitional Housing Program is unlike an emergency shelter because it provides a home for the survivor and their children for up to one year and is a single-family apartment or house.  

Protective Order Technical Assistance, Court Escort, and Support In an attempt to maintain safety, many survivors file a Protective Order against their abusers. 

SAFE Advocates can assist survivors with filling out the Protective Order paperwork and answer any questions that they may have about the process. 

Advocates also attend the Protective Order hearings and provide emotional support for the survivors during this process.  

Provide legal referrals SAFE works closely with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS), a local agency that provides legal assistance to survivors of family violence. 

If a survivor is in need of legal assistance concerning a Protective Order, divorce, custody, vehicle and property disputes, and any other legal advice relating to family violence,  SAFE Advocates can provide a written referral to SLLS on behalf of the survivor.  

Community Education and In-Service Training SAFE Advocates are available to provide education and training to other local community agencies. 

This not only helps them spread the word about the seriousness of family violence in their community, but also opens doors for other agencies to partner with SAFE and play a role in ending family violence in their community.

OUTREACH OFFICES SAFE Advocates can meet survivors in multiple locations throughout the four parishes that they serve. 

These outreach locations are in Denham Springs, Livingston, and Greensburg.  

CHILDREN SERVICES Their program provides a safe and nurturing environment for children in crisis while they receive specialized services.

SAFE (Southeast Advocates for Family Empowerment) Mission Statement


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    What do you need for the children in these situations. Clothes, toys, books?

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