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Annette G. Strauss Family Gateway Center

Family Gateway is classified as an Emergency Family Shelter. We have worked hard to reduce our barriers to entry and to accept families that no other shelters will allow to enter. Most shelters in Dallas won’t accept a family; they serve individuals. Those that do accept families have strict definitions as to the types of families they will allow to enter. Some shelters serving families require original birth certificates and/or a certain number of weeks on medication prior to entry. Households with multiple generations or an unmarried couple with a child have literally no other shelter options in our community. We continue to welcome all types of families and know the importance of keeping families together.
Supportive Housing

We have built relationships with other agencies that provide Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing, housing for those who need special mental health support, etc. We now fully participate in our CoC’s prioritization process so that our families appear on prioritization lists for all housing providers in our area. We have 105 Project Based Vouchers through the City of Dallas where we provide ongoing supportive case management. We also have a Permanent Supportive Housing program for 18 families who have specifically documented disabilities.

We are launching a Rapid Rehousing program with 20 families. Rapid Rehousing is intended to be 1 year of financial support and intensive case management services, tailored to the needs of each family. Rapid Rehousing includes a rental subsidy that declines over a year-long period as the family is able to pick up a larger portion of their rent.

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