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Genesis Women's Shelter Dallas

Genesis provides services at no cost to clients and with no strings attached. We are here for women as long and as often as they need us.

24 hour hotline 214.946.HELP (4357)

Women and their children are welcome to stay at the emergency shelter for up to six weeks.

Each person staying in our Shelter attends weekly individual and group therapy for the duration of their stay. Additionally, Emergency Shelter children may attend the on-site alternative Simmons School. During this time, our Counselors and Case Managers guide them through the healing process and assist them in setting up a new life and a brighter future.

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  • Reply User   2018-11-19 21:01:18

    I lost my section 8 as of today and have to move by this wed. I have 3 kids and lord I just don't know what to do. I'm about to lose everything I have and kids.

  • Reply User   2018-12-03 22:31:10

    Hi do u help single parents I have 3 boys in I have no where to go

  • Reply User   2018-12-06 21:56:07

    Left my home state, to come to Dallas, Tx for new start, had identity theft issues. Stayed in hotel temporary, couldn't assess funds now nowhere to stay, can't meet with any family member right now. My plan was to seek temporary housing and part-time job, to see if I can manage. If works out I may establish residency here. Need help and assistance with services , also for this state.

  • Reply User   2019-03-11 00:31:08

    Hello My name is Jacquline I am moving to Dallas , but my place want be ready till the 6th of April ...I really don't have much money to afford a room , but i need to get back there so i can start work to pay rent ....i have kids but my mother will watch my kids till i get on my feet ....

  • Reply User   2019-04-10 12:00:13

    What is involved and is there a waitlist to move in. Looking for alternative housing for family. Or if you have any alternatives to housing needs.

  • Reply User   2019-04-19 19:22:39

    I'm a recovering alcoholic. I live in Itving alone and may be evicted tomorrow. I don't even have a car to live in. Lost my job also. I do not drink anymore, I'm just having problems getting on my feet. Can you help?

  • Reply User   2019-04-20 19:22:35

    Are y'all open to gently used makeup donations? Or know any place I can donate too?

  • Reply User   2019-04-24 18:36:35

    I was staying with TV h my boyfriend and his family he got upset and hit me told me to leave I have no where to go I don't want to continue getting hurt but I gave no where

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