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Beloved Sober Housing - Woman Infants and Children

  • Transitional housing/shelter for homeless woman
  • Foster youth ages 18-21
  • Sober living for woman and children
  • Sober Housing for moms and their children Faith based restoration homes

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  • User   2020-02-16 20:53:28

    I'm in immediate need for housing for me and my son...I work part-time at Amazon...and I get child support..I need a place for me and my son ..I'm going through a divorce and things didn't go my son's dad's way in court so him and his girlfriend are doing everything they can to see to it that I'm homeless and lose everything I have I'm not concerned about my belongings I have a little bit of money put away I can put it in storage and maintain a storage locker if I could get some type of transitional housing or something going on I'm being evicted from my apartment my son's dad will not help me get a place to stay becausehim and his girlfriend that he cheated on me with while he was here at the house with us didn't get custody of my son like they threatened they were going to do..*telling me that they were going to take my son away from me and I would never see him again and his girlfriend would be my son's new mom*and I want full custody in court he got two hours supervised visitations and he don't want to part with his money for the child support he has to pay me he doesn't want to part with the money to pay for the supervised visitations so he hasn't seen my son since December because he's too cheap to part with the money to visit with him for two hours yet he's in court talking about how he loves and cares about his son but won't pay the lady to supervise the visitations.. cuz I won't go against the court order and let him see my son and stuff he refuses to help me he ran out and left me two months behind in the rent I give my landlord every dime I had four months trying to get it caught up and all I could do was to stay in the current month December they told me that if I couldn't pay it all up that they were going to do a eviction on me and I'm in eviction process right now I've been hunting and begging and everything trying to find a place to live every apartment turns me down telling me that they have applications pending this that and the other I need a place for me and my son to go temporary housing apartment or something I don't care I can pay a little bit of rent every month if I need to I need somewhere I can get on my feet save some money get through this divorce me and my son rest are head.. also homeschool my son..he's gotten a little behind in school due to the fact that I've had to dedicate my time to hunting and begging for a place to live and go in and filling out all these applications and jumping through these hoops and paying all these application fees just to be slapped in the face and told me that somebody already rented it or there's an application pending in this that and the other I've applied at all the low-income housing units the ones where they base it on your income yet they tell me that they don't have any openings and they will contact me when they do I'm running out of time I have to be out of here by the 20th or the sheriff's going to lock me out and me and my son will have nowhere to go my son does stay at home while I work he's very responsible with that he's been doing it for a year now he has a cell phone where he's able to call me if there's a problem he knows not to answer the door not to go outside I cook him meals every day before I leave for work he knows how to use the microwave to heat them up.. he's a good kid he said some places game and he watches TV while I'm gone as long as I was to have a place for him to have the TV and a room for him to be end with the TV on where he could watch TV or play his games he would be fine only work part-time..I just need to get into some kind of transitional housing or something where I can provide him with the roof over his head before I lose this place and we don't have nowhere to go and then his dad takes him away from me in Court.. he doesn't want to live with his dad and I'm firm belief in if his dad gets custody of him it would be a grave mistake Justice to my son as far as I know he would be abused and I know his dad's girlfriend is either drinking or on some drugs the way she's constantly calling me and threatening me and everything she does I try not to talk to this lady I have nothing to do with her I've never contacted her but she's called my phone many times left nasty messages on my phone threaten me and everything else and I don't understand why because I've never even contacted her or complain to her about her and him being together I don't care I didn't want him no more anyway I was glad she took him she didn't really take him away from me he just went to her because I didn't want him no more but she's jealous or something I don't know what her problem is I think she's crazy but either way I don't care about either one of them I just need to get a safe place for me and my son to stay I'm in a bad spot and I need some help and I need it fastI was told you I might have some kind of place that I could rent where I could pay a little small amount of rent and be able to stay there and get on my feet and I'm reaching out to you and begging for that I don't know where else to turn I have inland housing solutions on standby if I find an apartment they were going to pay my moving cost she told me to save up about two or three hundred dollars where I would have it for move in and I did that but then I had to use a little bit of it for credit checks on some places and that all backfired on me so I just really need to get into a place with some low-income here pretty quick something with a small amount of money I can pay I get paid again this Thursday so when Thursday comes I'll have $200 saved up again.. I just need some help if you have some kind of place where I can stay and rent a little small studio apartment or whatever it is I would be grateful if me and my son can be considered for that like ASAP I got to make a move and I got to do it quick.. please help me.. the lady I'm working with in Inland housing solutions is named Kate Nazareno.. I have no family that can help me all I have here is my son and me and his dad and all of his family live here and he has to paralegals and his family I have nobody and I feel like he's got him and his family and his girlfriend work in the system for him and I'm just getting messed over everywhere I look I can't get nobody to help me Kate's been nice enough to help me but I can't find nowhere to go I need some help if I go to a regular shelter they're going to make me leave during the day I don't have anybody that I can turn to to watch my son during the day while I work I have nowhere for him to stay that's why I need Blake an apartment setting where he can be at home he's a good kid he's been doing that for a year he has no problems with that he has a phone where he can contact me if there is a problem he's very responsible I cook his meals before he leaves he knows how to use the microwave and heat them up he has food as long as he has his TV to watch he's fine..I'm in desperate need of some help but I don't want to lose my son and him have to go stay with his father and being neglected and abused.. I was going to try to call caps again and see if I can get back in oversaw house I asked the lady at IHS about that but she said she can't do that that I have to have a referral for it but unfortunately we did that when we were with my son's dad and other than me getting my GED he was the only one that really benefited from it so they said you can only do that one time unfortunately but I knew if I could get into something like that again and my son had a safe place to stay while I work I could save my money up and pay the little bit of rent there and save the rest of my money up and get on my feet and be able to find and sustain a place I just need a chance I need a little help I need a place that I can call home where me and my son can stay and he can be there while I work and I can save some money I don't mind paying some rent I can't pay a whole lot of rent right now and save money but I can pay some rent I don't know if you have any programs like over so that I could get into but if you do I wish you would consider me for them.m please help me somehow I don't want to have to lose my job on top of everything else that I'm losing..I don't really care about myself but my son doesn't deserve to go through this and if his dad really cared about him he wouldn't be doing this to me and making my son suffer like he does so I don't agree that he loves his son and wants what's best for him like he's saying all the time in court that he does because if he loved his son and wanted what was best for him he would be trying to help us instead of seeing me out on the street..and if he love my son and wanted what was best for him and missed him like he claims he does it wouldn't matter to him he would pay that money for that lady if that's the only way he could see his son and have his two-hour visitations until he can prove himself worthy of having him more but the thing is it's just about the money it's not about my son..

  • User   2020-04-07 17:13:35

    Need help. Trying to stay away from an addict telling me to hit me up on social media. Mo where to stay. Been hiding out under bridges and migrating to find shelter. Help.

  • User   2020-07-21 18:43:02

    Me and my 3 yr old son are in need of some type of help in the housing department.. I start work on Thursday at Burlington in Rialto. My son's dad and I aren't good for each other and we have to leave his sister's house. Only I have nowhere to go. Please if there is something let me know asap . I don't wanna NOT show up for work ..

  • User   2022-06-20 18:05:02

    Looking for a Women’s Shelter or organization to donate clothing size 18-20.

  • User   2022-11-25 15:46:49

    Looking to donate women's clothing size 6-9

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