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Calvary Women's Services, Inc.

With Calvary’s support, women achieve their goals of permanent housing, financial independence, stable employment and mental wellness.

Many of the services at Calvary take place on-site, which removes barriers that can prevent women from accessing the support they need.

These services include personalized case management, life skills and education opportunities, job placement, health services and addiction recovery meetings.

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  • Reply User   2019-04-08 17:54:07

    I will become homeless on 04/30/2019..Im having Episodes and they have interfered with my job..i Lost my job February 2019 and while I was able to pay March I have no funds for April..I have called every listing for a Maryland resident..MD.GOV does not help a childless woman..please help only option it to sleep at bus stops at this point.. i

  • Reply User   2019-01-19 14:37:14

    Hello, my company, E3/Sentinel, is currently impacted by the government shutdown. We are looking for creative ways to pay our employees and an option we are hoping to implement is having employees volunteer for a community event so we can pay them for the day. I was wondering if you would be open to us hosting a lunch or coming out on Friday to do some sort of activity at your facility. Would love to discuss options if you are interested. Thank you, Saima

  • Reply User   2019-06-29 08:21:13

    Hi, I wanted to see how I go about donating some clothes and shoes for women to you Program, thank you

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