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Center Against Domestic Violence

The Center Against Domestic Violence works toward a society free of violence and abuse.
The Center leads the way by offering education and prevention programs and promoting the well-being and economic independence of survivors of abuse.

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  • Reply User   2019-09-26 11:26:04

    Hello my name is virginia , I have been suffering foer the past 4 years . I was married for 23 years my husband abused me for 20 of those years . He physically abused me 3 years ago on thanksgiving he punched me on the head all i could hear at the time was a ringing in my ears and the pain was unbearble . I knew I had to leave all those years he toldme I was fat ugly and old . He left me at the top of a mountain and he took off to go puck up he's girlfriend. I walked down the mountain as it got dark i couldn't see a thing he took my phone and my purse . I screamed and cried for help afraid rthat an wild animal would attack me I cried so much that night for sure i thought i would die and I thought my kids would never see me again. suddenly I saw far off a vehicle coming towards me I waved and cried and screamed and the SUV stopped It was a couple who were there for their cabin on the woods they took me immediately to the police station and i filled out a report thatsall they did and took me home . when i got home i packed a suitcase and left eberything all my belongings and furniture and just took a bus to Colorado . I thought for sure my daughter would help but she didn't her husband does not lke anyone living at their home. I went to a shelter and found a job and one day my yusband appeared in colorado he saw me pushed me screamed at me and took my purse with money i had just earned from my job. I went and put a restrain order and soon after that he got cuaght robbing houses and was put in jail because he threatened the owners of a house with an axe, he was robbing and he threw the axe , and ran from the house he got caught. He just got out and I asked my daughter if i could live with her and she said no and gave me a blanket so i could sleep in my vehicle. I just want peace please help me I am a hard worker and I have a bachelor degree and i will work any job just so i can save for a home to live in I want to go there to brooklyn far away from colorado please help me please. thank you virginia s

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