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Doves Of Big Bear Valley Inc

DOVES mission is to serve as the community’s resource for ending domestic violence by:
empowering and providing safety for those who are suffering physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, or financial abuse at the hands of an intimate partner;
to assist other community members experiencing violence within the family;
to model positive and healthy relationship choices for youth in an effort to end the generational cycle of domestic violence;
and to effect a culture shift among community members regarding the use of power in relationships, through education and partnerships with the public, government and other community organizations and institutions.

Doves Of Big Bear Valley Inc Mission Statement

“Offering intervention, education, and prevention services to those affected by domestic violence as they build safe and healthy lives. ”

Doves Of Big Bear Valley Inc Community Questionnaire
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Is this shelter safe? (Do not enter private information; it may be published.)
It is safe from your abuser. Not safe from the mistreatment of staff threatening further trauma and or return to said abuser.
posted Oct 8, 2020

Do you know if they allow kids with their parents to stay here? (Do not enter private information; it may be published.)
Yes. I was there with my 4 children.
posted Oct 8, 2020

Do you have to be married to stay here as a couple? (Do not enter private information; it may be published.)
I'm not sure if they allow couples to stay, as it is an emergency safety shelter. However, it is worth asking because domestic abuse isn't always between two spouses.
posted Oct 8, 2020

How old do you have to be to stay here? (Do not enter private information; it may be published.)

Do you have to stay indoors for the first 10 days? (Do not enter private information; it may be published.)

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  • User   2021-08-09 15:27:57

    Hi, my name is Lisa & I'm in need of a clean, safe shelter for my son & I. I'm waiting to get into any rehab for women & children but need shelter now.

  • User   2015-04-29 23:19:18

    Thank you Doves. My life is changed forever for better!

  • User   2018-12-22 11:14:37

    I would like information. I'm going through a big struggle. Being abused by my boyfriend. Not financially stable. He is a sheriff in Riverside County but very abusive..

  • User   2019-07-17 01:07:56

    I'm not a big bear resident but live in the same county I'm in need of help and don't want to be near my abuser. My question is do you help moms that dont reside locally?

  • User   2019-08-22 23:51:02

    Hi I'm trying to get me and my son away from his abusive father. The apartment is under my name and I have no income he is the only one works. The car is also under my name. I don't know what will happen if I break my lease because I already have bad credit and I'm afraid I won't find another place if I break the lease i also wouldn't know where to put all my belongings, I also have a dog and cat involved who I fear for their safety. I live in Banning and I don't know if you would take me and my son in, please give me more information

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