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Greater Love Home

Greater Love provides a safe, structured environment for women with a substance use issue.

Their innovative program offers women the opportunity to learn how to live again and be free!

Their location is centrally located to bus routes and all shopping needs.

They Provide:

  • A shared room that has
  • A Dresser A Night Stand A Twin Bed Requirements for entry
  • Clean/sober from all mind-altering chemicals day of entry 110.00 One time entry fee 110.00 Weekly dues Amenities
  • Cable / Phone Computer Access Some Food

They pride themselves on their approach to teaching women the fundamentals in practicing spiritual principles such as commitment, self-love, willingness and honesty.

Women become self sufficient for an easy transition back into society.

For a complete list of their program rules please email them.

Greater Love Home Mission Statement


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  • Reply User   2019-04-04 06:54:39

    Need help out of emotionally abusive relationship & off meth. I was clean from June til his past December. My life is back to feeling hopelessness & alone with no real friends or family. Just a relationship I've been in for many years but Now that I drugs Are back in our life I can't trust him again & I don't want this life anymore. I'd rather be dead. Please help me find a way to heal my mind & soul & find a way to support myself so I never have to be dependant anybody other than myself. I feel so scared bc I don't know how I will make it on my own wo him. Thank you

  • Reply User   2018-07-13 10:03:51

    I left a voice message.4436138391 please respond.

  • Reply User   2018-10-22 09:49:06


  • Reply User   2019-05-20 10:35:11

    My wife is currently incarcerated in the Williamsburg Couty jail & is about to be released this month....She is currently on probation but has nowhere to go when released. I live in Atlanta ,G.A. and my concern is this; Until we can transfer her probation to the state of Georgia she will be homeless.She's wanting a structured treatment program until transfer can be completed.....Is this a path to presue ???

  • Reply User   2019-07-14 14:06:38

    I would like to know if you take donations? Toiletries and or clothing?

  • Reply User   2019-12-11 15:30:56

    I have Christmas decorations that I want to get rid of. I even have a 6 Christmas tree. Please let me know Asap because I will need to find somewhere else. And Christmas is coming fast!

  • Reply User   2019-12-23 08:52:54

    I have some odd sheets I need to get rid of & some cell phones if u can use these I’d rather give them to someone in need than throw them out. Thank you

  • Reply User   2019-12-31 08:17:56

    I have some clothing I would like to donate if t his is ok Sizes 16 thru 22. please let me know I will drop them off Thank you

  • Reply User   2020-02-27 21:10:37

    Please I'm homeless I need help please

  • Reply User   2020-03-09 05:32:42

    I was bored in conway sc in garden city sc five years my husband of 16 year left me i got with a man iam darlinton sc the last two iam needing of help i have no one to help me i been hurt many time by men they been to prison for hurting me this man is abuse my i already have ptsd my doctor told me two month ago i cant handle crowd i clean other than weed my doctor know i help with panick attack but now i cant get it i felt like i dont have no way oyt please help me iam simple mind a motorcycle hit me in june 2016 i lost alot of memory i not work since 2011 i need help soon i cant take this no more.

  • Reply User   2020-03-24 01:30:30

    What happens if I don't have the 110 up front

  • Reply User   2020-05-09 06:52:11

    I have some womens clothing 12 along with household items bedding rug silerware coffee table decorative items pictures.. Do you have someome transitioning into there own place that could use these

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