Plymouth, MI - 48170
(734) 722-6800

First Step Westland

Domestic violence shelter for women. 24 hour crisis hotline: (734) 722-6800 or (888) 453-5900.

The mission of First Step is to reduce the incidence of domestic and sexual violence and to provide services to individuals affected by these crimes. Prevention of domestic and sexual violence through education, advocacy and appropriate intervention is the ultimate goal of First Step.

The work of First Step is based on the belief that domestic and sexual violence are damaging to those individuals directly involved and to society as a whole. It is criminal conduct which cannot be tolerated. All individuals shall be provided safety and must be treated with dignity and respect. Support shall focus on self-determination and empowerment. Diversity shall also be honored. Interventions that blame the survivor and do not hold the offender accountable for the battering and rape are ineffective and inappropriate.

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  • Reply User   2015-04-02 10:46:46

    This address in Westland is not the correct address. the correct address is 44567 Pinetree Drive Plymouth, MI 48170. The phone numbers are correct.

  • Reply User   2019-05-12 19:00:39

    My wife died recently. Do you take donations of women's clothes, shoes, etc.?

  • Reply User   2019-09-15 00:13:04

    A friend of mine is in an abusive relationship both physical and sexual. She hasn't called police or haven't created any paper trail of these instances snd it seems as if that's what these type places or shelters need in order to help. Is this true? She needs and wants immediate help.

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