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Montgomery County Women's Center

To provide safe shelter, crisis intervention, counseling, legal and support services to victims/survivors of family violence, sexual assault, stalking and abuse in Montgomery and surrounding counties, and to provide education to the community about such issues.
The services of Montgomery County Women's Center include a 24 Hour Hotline, Crisis intervention and advocacy, Legal services, Counseling and support groups.

Montgomery County Women's Center Mission Statement

“ To lead the effort in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault through crisis intervention, assistance, advocacy, empowerment, and social change. ”

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  • User   2019-04-04 21:15:15

    My children and I are in need of housing. I escaped an abusive relationship about 3 years ago and I cant seem to find a safe place to stay above water. I get up and try and everyday for them and its becoming harder and harder everyday. I hate to think that im only good for bad luck and misfourtune because I know im far greater then life dishes out. I'm a single mother of three young children and I left my kids father for a better life for all of us. It seems like i'll never have my life back and I'm looking for a safe place for us to get the help and support we need to start over. I lost my car and that makes things very difficult. Any information that can help me would be greatly appreciated. God Bless

  • User   2018-09-28 22:33:26

    Hello, I have quite a bit of women’s clothing sizes small to 3X all in excellent and new condition. I also have quite a bit of costume jewelry and watches. I would very much like to donate these items to you if you can use them. I have washed everything and neatly folded them. Most all clothing is suited for working in an office. My phone number is 832-541-5783. Thank you

  • User   2018-12-21 13:35:04

    I just received a notice from our landlord to pay up or move out. My daughter is disabled and unable to work at this time and has not received any disability. I also have my 5 year old granddaughter that I'm taking care of and providing support/housing for. We are desperate to find new housing and/or financial aid.

  • User   2019-07-21 17:19:54

    I am almost 3 years out of a very abusive sexual and physical abuse, it wasn't a relationship but a roommate. I have been in the middle of custody battle with him for one of my children that was not even his, I finally got my orders and the son we do have together he wont even let me see since the orders for the other one came down from the judge. In November I received a call from CPS and he has been sexually abusing is step daughter since 2012. CPS finished their investigation and criminal charges have been filled. I am working and trying to pay the court ordered child support, day care for my younger son, and I am finding myself without a place to live. There is so much more that I cant seem to put into words right this minute. I am in need of help please.

  • User   2019-10-29 12:19:49

    Hi l am being evicted and in need of a place to live with my three girls ages 2...7 and 9 l having been struggling since my mom just recently died and l lost my job at Foodtown as a cashier..if you guys could assist me or tell me where to go to get some assist that would truly be a blessing...l do not want to end up sleeping in my car which is currently not running and needs some repairs.. Thanks in advance.

  • User   2019-11-05 16:14:24

    I just moved to TX from Florida. I was in a domestic violence situation and I can't go back..I am working at Denny's bit I can't afford the hotel I'm in. I'm almost 55 and I can work but not 2 jobs...I tried but I just couldn't do it. Please I need help.

  • User   2020-04-24 21:04:30

    Would like placement in your shelter. Please be advised I have a stalker and she is offering women to have people leave me on the street.

  • User   2020-08-04 17:40:30

    I am in need of housing for myself. Not a victim of sexual or domestic abuse but yet in a homeless state caused by mental devastations. Disabled through medical diagnosis of schizophrenia, heart disease and other mental health and physical problems.

  • User   2020-09-24 10:12:52

    I’m a single woman (48)with a felony record. I have a temporary job that is dependent on the pandemic. I can’t afford my current rent and will soon be forced to move out with no where to go. I do not qualify for any type of assistance that I am aware of.

  • User   2020-12-10 23:51:53

    Hello. I am the mom of 8 with one on the way. My older kids' father is not present, not helpful financially. My younger kids dad is going down a slippery slope of out of control. Are there resources for my children and I to get out of here? I do not make enough to afford a down payment and first month's rent on a house and my credit is shot because of my ex. I feel stuck

  • User   2021-06-15 04:41:59

    I need somewhere to stay; born and raised in Houston,Texas. I have been in Conroe, Texas about three years ago.

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