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Safe + Sound Somerset

Safe+Sound Somerset provides short-term, emergency shelter in their safe house, also known as Victorias House, to women and their children who are seeking confidential refuge from an unsafe, abusive living situation.

Located in a quiet setting, Victoria's House is a place of healing with five private bedrooms, a comfortable living space and a common kitchen.

There's a playroom and fenced-in backyard where your children can play in a secure environment.

All basic needs such as food, toiletries and clothing are provided to residents of Victoria's House.

Safe + Sound Somerset Mission Statement

“Our mission is to empower survivors of domestic abuse and engage the community to break the cycle of violence. Domestic abuse is a pattern of incidents of controlling, threatening, degrading and violent behavior by a partner. It is very common and comes in all forms, such as, emotional, physical, sexual, and financial. If you are experiencing behaviors depicting abuse, please seek help immediately and know that you are not alone. ”

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  • User   2019-07-17 11:19:31

    Hi, I used to be a customer/client of this place due to domestic problem few years back. I'm looking for a transitional shelter between one temporary job to other job offer. I can not afford pay my rent plus my living conditions are unsafe and my landlady refusing to listen about it. I don't even ask her anymore to fix an apartment. I had Middlesex Health Department check my place and they wanted to obligate my landlady to be more responsible. So she made me to fix few things and she got away from things done properly. I'm late to pay my rent due to not having permanent job and car accident last year, concussion, problem with spine. Please, help me find a transitional housing! I'm willing to pay for a room as well or share with someone. I have a job now for two and a half weeks. Than I got an offer about another job. Thank you, Maya Zibrova

  • User   2020-01-03 23:17:35

    Hi, I'm sorry to leave this comment but when you need help you just have to ask. For I am not being abused nor are my children but we are currently looking for stable housing currently running low on funds. As we are kind ,loving and outgoing that would really appreciate if you knew any places that would offer a mom with two children a possible shelter or room and board housing. Thanks Sincerely Dear Daniels

  • User   2020-06-20 14:54:31

    Hello! I am looking to donate hotel toiletries I have collected. Would Safe + Sound accept this donation?

  • User   2020-12-15 09:32:58

    I work for a derm dr in hillsborough and have a large box filled with skin care products that I would like to donate. How do I do this? I can leave it at any address you provide me-understanding the importance of privacy. pls advise. I would like to help.

  • User   2021-12-04 10:37:01

    My wife just passed and she had lots of beautiful clothes and shoes. Do you accept these articles, if not could you tell me who might make use of these. Thanks!

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