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The SafeSpace Shelter Program offers victims of domestic violence and their dependents safe housing to escape the violence in their home.

While participating in the SafeSpace Shelter Program residents can attend individual and group advocacy, develop individualized safety and action plans which assists them in staying safe and setting and achieving personal goals.

24-HR Hotline:

800-500-1119SafeSpace helps victims in the acute stage of abuse by bringing them to one of the two secure and confidential shelters.

SafeSpace promptly assesses their immediate needs and helps to meet these needs.

These include safety from the batterer, medical attention, rest, food and clothing, injunctions for protection, emotional support, safety planning, counseling and legal advocacy.

After the acute phase, SafeSpace advocates work with the victim to obtain employment, childcare, legal services and safe housing.

Clients who do not enter their shelter are offered all of the same services.

SafeSpace helps victims to develop personal safety plans, learn how to escape the abusive partner, relocate, and utilize support groups.

Educational sessions are conducted to improve the victims perceptions of their personal value and availability of their life options.

Childrens Advocates provide direct services to children and their special needs and also provide Parenting Skills Education.

Legal Advocacy assistance provides information and support in regards to the legal system.

This entails escorting the participant to the courthouse and being there while the participant fills out the injunction paper work.

The advocate provides emotional support when they appear in front of the Judge and informs them of the services of the State Attorneys Office and Victims Compensation.

SafeSpace continually updates its services and programs with the help of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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  • User   2018-12-11 13:15:31

    I have heard that women's shelters can use old cell phones as emergency 911 phones. I am the tech volunteer for Indian River Estates and I have been given old cell phones that still work fine but have been replaced. Does the Shelter in Vero Beach need them?

  • User   2019-05-28 13:17:02

    I have been cleaning out children's books. Thought you might like them for children to read while they are with you. They are not brand new books but are in good condition. Let me know; I can bring them to you.

  • User   2019-07-02 19:30:01

    hi there, I have a bag of clothes and shoes mostly for young kids, Please let me know if these can be of any use, thank you.

  • User   2019-08-13 15:11:14

    I’m an educated 69 year old retired woman with knowledge of mental health and involved in the arts . I would like to volunteer in a capacity that would be most helpful to your organization. I’m a strong women’s advocate . Please respond if you think you could my services on a part time basis. If necessary I can certainly pass any background check .

  • User   2019-12-23 16:48:30

    Do you need any lamps, end table?

  • User   2019-12-24 02:00:28

    I’m in need of help. 211 says there is nothing for a min of 9 months! Is the alternative sleeping in my car?

  • User   2020-02-09 17:38:01

    Where may I drop off good used clothing for women for Safe Space? Thank you for responding.

  • User   2020-02-09 17:39:21

    In the Vero Beach area, where may I drop off good used clothing for women for Safe Space? Thank you for responding. JudySmith

  • User   2020-03-22 09:53:18

    I have quite a few Beanie Babies that have never been used (tags still affixed) and wrapped in tissue. We are in the process of moving and would like to donate these. I have not opened or touched the Beanie Babies for several years and they are in mint condition. Can you use to give to children coming to Safe Space? Pat Baum

  • User   2020-10-06 14:03:37

    Hi, I have several bags of clothes sizes ranging from 0 to 8 and some books. If you would like them please contact me.

  • User   2020-10-29 10:23:12

    I am a PSL resident cleaning out my closets, household items as we are permanently moving to Virginia. I do not want to bring this stuff to a thrift store. I want it to be given to those in need to better their lives.

  • User   2021-05-31 01:58:47

    I can't believe I finally decide that safe space would be the best for me and my children to move on and get some help and there's no longer safe space in my area.

  • User   2022-12-28 20:43:52

    The company I work for has a charity foundation, they allow employees to advocate for funding for charities in their community. I need to speak to some to obtain more information about your organization

  • User   2024-01-23 08:55:31

    I’m in Port Saint Lucie area. Have two bags of clothes and would like to give it to those in need. Please let me know where I can take them to.

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