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Samaritan Women at the Well

Samaritan Women at the Well (SWATW) Transitional Housing provides men, women, and children in crisis with the keys to get beyond their circumstances and into a life of victory.
SWATW helps individuals affected by domestic violence, sex trafficking, homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration and other situations created through poor decision making and choices, to move forward with their lives.
Their focus is to motivate and encourage the individual with love by the Word of God; to restore them physically, mentally and spiritually by teaching and guiding them with the Word of God so they will be prepared to enter back into society and live victoriously through faith.
They provide food, clothing and shelter, spiritual counseling and social advocacy to support them – ministering to the whole person.
They seek spiritual and social change to end the negative life cycles that affect families throughout the area.

Samaritan Women at the Well Mission Statement

“Our mission is to help women and children in crisis. To motivate and encourage them with love by the word of God. To restore each woman physically,mentally and spiritually by teaching and guiding them with the word of God so they will be prepared to enter back to society and live victoriously. ”

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  • Reply User   2019-04-07 19:58:15

    Its time. Where do I get info to apply?

  • Reply User   2018-12-07 01:14:35

    I was needing to know how you qualify to enter into your program. I’m 43 years old and I have suffered much trauma. Is this an outpatient program?

  • Reply User   2019-04-29 18:35:58

    I am needing temporary Housing . Getting out of a ugly marriage and I'm in the middle of a horrible divorce. Have endure much trauma and needing housing by May 10th.

  • Reply User   2019-07-10 01:04:45

    Hi, I have a family member that is in immediate need of residential housing, as well as spiritual counseling and advice. She is a young adult that suffers from mental illness, and needs help coping with disappointments, and gaining victory to move ahead in life. She will need a place to stay by the 30th of this month, as she will become homeless. Please help!

  • Reply User   2019-07-16 01:48:22

    Made a huge mistake. Actually on road coming from Wisconsin wad moving to Pearland don't have anywhere to go

  • Reply User   2019-08-19 14:58:19

    Do you accept donations like women and children clothes? Where can I take them to?

  • Reply User   2019-08-30 21:06:41

    I just got ran away from a domestic rela i came 2 Texas myself an my son. We HAVE been sleeping in our moving truck i was in the hospital because of HEART condition we. NEED help with a place to stay please my son started working. I HAVE a interview on Tues we just want to be free an LIVE OUR lives LIKE normal people not look over our shoulder. With this crazy dude o my God i don't no any more

  • Reply User   2019-09-08 05:24:38

    Do y'all help single moms me and my daughter really need advice or help

  • Reply User   2019-10-20 10:55:54

    I have a dear friend that has nothing where to go. She left a situation where she lived with an aunt that was physically/mentally abusive. She was in fear for her life. I am trying to help her find somewhere to go! I do not want to see her on the streets. She is unable to stay with me.

  • Reply User   2019-11-11 12:30:11

    Hi my name is teresa and i been homeless for about a yr. It just seems like when its going to it turns to wose .. Im not from here im out here cuz of a man and his kids but now i got no body but god i need help ...i told myself I'll never go to a shelter, but things change im looking for a job as well i just dont like to worry about where am i gonna sleep or food if you can help me thank you but i need helpppp. Thank you

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