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Saving Grace Maternity Home

Saving Grace Maternity Home is a strategic and practical response to a significant need in our community. We endeavor to provide a healthy and loving residential home experience for single young homeless women in an unplanned or crisis pregnancy, between the ages of 13-25. In so many cases, each young woman needs to know that there is hope and they have options and choices that honor both their life as well the life of their unborn child. Saving Grace will have the capacity to assist and house up to four women, providing the sort of life-giving help they need in a number of areas. Each woman will receive birthing and parenting classes, assistance in connecting with adoption options, various life skills classes, assistance with pre-natal and medical doctor appointments, enrollment in local school district, earning a GED, finding employment and researching suitable housing.

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  • Reply User   2018-12-12 18:31:09

    My husband is refurbishing a woman's one-speed bike and I am looking for a homeless shelter that would put it to good use. We plan on donating it around Easter. We also have some newish size large women's clothes - can these help too? Please let me know if you have an ongoing list of other needs, in case we can gather them between now and then. Enjoy your evening! Karen

  • Reply User   2018-11-29 13:16:54

    I would like to know if you are accepting donations and what your facility is in most need of.

  • Reply User   2019-06-16 17:21:09

    Hi my name is Tatiana. I’ve been trying to get a hold of a womens shelter in Portland that takes donations for baby clothes. That also does pick ups since I don’t drive. I’ve had 2 children In difficult situations i don’t want to donate it to a place that sells clothes. Becausi don’t want to sell any of my clothes because I’ve known how hard it can be sometimes I would love to help other people out thank you

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