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YWCA of Muncie

They have room to shelter as many as 65 women or women with children either short or long term.

The residential part of the facility is limited access, but does have public areas where functions take place and physical fitness classes are scheduled.

They provide an initial 30-day emergency stay at no cost provided the intake process shows the applicant meets their requirements.

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posted Mar 28, 2021

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  • User   2019-10-21 11:55:36

    I would love to volunteer help to do whatever needed.. Thank You.

  • User   2019-10-29 22:42:53

    I was living in Muncie Indiana and I have tried to work it out with my husband and now I am being thrown out and have unfinished business to do in Muncie. And was wondering if there are openings for a room for the 1st.

  • User   2019-12-02 14:52:32

    It says if the applicant "meets the requirements". May I ask what the requirements are? What if you have someone staying there under false accusations? Meaning they have no reason to be there, they aren"t homeless, ETC.? I can explain more if you wanna email me. It's taking away from someone that REALLY NEEDS IT!

  • User   2020-01-18 21:09:40

    I am in desperate need of a place to stay. I am woman in my 50s and I work FT.

  • User   2021-04-29 22:16:12

    I have a soon to b 6 year old daughter. Middle town gardens wont renew my application in July and I've got my apps in at the other housing Authority that I can get ahold of. Trying to get a car so I can take more apps to more of the places. I've heard good things about u guys and that u could help us get into housing Authority maybe. I have no family since my mother passed 3 yrs ago and just dont k now what to do. Definitely wanna do good for my daughter n right by her.

  • User   2020-07-14 16:15:43

    Where can I donate some baby bottles, baby toys, and woman's shorts?

  • User   2020-07-29 19:42:38

    I have a friend near Muncie who is desperately trying to flee a dangerous situation with her 2.5 year old. She has no friends or family in the area, no car, no money, and is terrified of being unable to leave. How do I get her help?

  • User   2020-08-02 02:40:11

    Uh yeah I'm so sorry but how could someone be there that doesn't need it I'm sure if I had place to go I wouldn't check into homeless shelter why because maybe this person lives with friend family or significant other but I'd say if this person feels she needs to check in there then you don't know do you that organization building stricter is an emergency shelter there to spare someones soul if can and so why you gonna through stumbling blocks on someones path trying to get to higher ground above the influence she might need there's probably more live in those strangers than shes able to get from her living arrangements right now so of they've got room to spare and thats their mission and you wanna prevent her from being treated equal to possibly with respect decency most people get treated with shame on you no body hose to homeless shelter for fun of it they've got program staff their let them do their job and you take up relearning our first job back to kindergarten worry bout yourself don't block some one from receiving help they must need

  • User   2021-10-13 17:46:47

    What happens during the intake process? Do they take your vehicle from you so that you can't live in that when you have to leave?

  • User   2023-01-01 22:28:51

    I have some gently used children's toys I would like to donate to a shelter. Can you provide a place that will accept them. I do not wish to give to muncie mission as they will sell them in their store. I want these to go to a shelter where kids will get to enjoy them

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