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Brighter Tomorrows

The mission of Brighter Tomorrows is to empower victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by providing emergency safe shelter and support services, and to reduce violence in their communities. 

Safe shelters play an important role in the re-building of the community.  

They provide a safe haven for women and their children to have a sense of safety and be able to re-establish themselves and learn how to provide a safe home of their own for themselves and their children.

Office Hours:

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Brighter Tomorrows Mission Statement


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  • Reply User   2020-02-11 09:07:37

    My daughter Anastasia has 3 children under 3 and pregnant with her fourth. Her boyfriend is an abusive alcoholic and she lives in Maui . She has no money and I want to move her here to Texas but only rent a single room. She would need transitional place to stay until we can apply for assistance and housing for her. She can work once she gets away from her boyfriend . Please let me know if you would be able to help her while I am getting her on her feet.

  • Reply User   2018-10-09 13:07:54

    hello my name is miracle baker and I have a question do you guys accept a pregnant women and with 2 kids... im lookin for q shelter for me and kids we dont stay on the street but we stay with my sister for now and they don want me here anymore so I wanted to kno would you accept us... can you guys up us get an apt please and a job

  • Reply User   2019-07-11 13:04:26

    Hello Brighter Tomorrows, I called for assistance. The phone ring several times, Than the operator message was to call the emergency hotline(972-262-8383) and it just ring. How do you help humanity if you don't answer when they call? Please be available when needed otherwise, what's your purpose? Sincerely, Real Assistance

  • Reply User   2019-09-18 21:56:42

    Hi i moved here from washington to get away from my abusive babys father. I was 6 monthes pregnant and well now i have my son. The place i am living is mentally and verbaly putting me down. I left washington with out a social or my birth certificate. I came here to give my new born son a safe chance at life and a new start for me. I need help getting my social and birth certificate. I need help getting a good job and a place to call home for me and my 2 month old son. Can you please help me. Im scared to be homelss i dont know anyone besides the people i live with know. I know longer feel like this is a safe place for me or my son. Im alone and im scared.

  • Reply User   2019-09-23 15:30:19

    Please contact me in regard to the program my daughter and we will be homeless at the end of the month due to a domestic violance situation in july

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