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Deborah's Place

Deborahs Place is a safe haven for women experiencing homelessness.

A Safe Haven program provides semi-private housing for people who have experienced chronic homelessness and have a severe mental illness.

Someone who is chronically homeless has consistently lived without housing for a year or more and/or they have experienced more than four episodes of homelessness within three years.

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  • Reply User   2018-01-16 14:53:51

    Good Morning, My organization would like to volunteer helping donate clothing or food to assist with anyone that mat need help. We are also willing to cook and serve food if needed. Please feel free to contact me if possible. Thank You,

  • Reply User   2019-07-29 10:43:46

    Hello I have a friend that's currently homeless with a child and no one to help her she's currently on house arrest living with her sister which is moving soon and will not let her come with her I was wondering can you refer any type of help to her she's a good person that's made a bad mistake but can really use the help

  • Reply User   2019-08-30 13:58:05

    Good afternoon, my name is Keisha. I am currently in a position where I lost everything including my apartment. I have been staying with an abusive ex, but have to tip toe around not to get int any confrontation, or I will actually be on he street. I suffer from Bi-Polar Disorder and I cant really work like I want to so keeping a job is extremely difficult because of my poor concentration abilities. Is there any way that you all can help me find housing? Immediately?

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