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Sylvia's Haven

Sylvia's Haven was founded in 1987 and has currently expanded to 50 townhouses on an old army base in Massachusetts.

By using old Staff-Sergeant houses, they are able to set many families up into their own apartment.

They currently have 34 apartments operational, and the remaining 16 are under renovation.

They are trying to help their women learn to be self-reliant, self-sufficient, and independent.

Many come from abusive situations.

Their only requirements are that the women are homeless, and that if they have a drug or alcohol history, that they have been clean for one year.

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  • User   2022-08-31 10:27:59

    Hi, I have a number of health and beauty products most unopened and unused. It would be great to have them utilized by anyone who needs them. What is your donation policy/procedure? Thank you, Linda C

  • User   2019-01-22 17:33:03

    I live in Washington State, have over 36 years of sobriety and am coming out to your area mid April. I am seeking information about donations to you. My daughter (lived in Fitchburg) passed away October 20, 2018. She leaves behind a full house. I am enquiring if you accept household goods, and if so, is there a limit? although her children were all adults, she kept toys for smaller children for when she got visitors. I would like to donate the toys as well. Not to worry......I won't send you junk!! I worked for many years in establishments like yours when I lived in California. I would like to continue supporting the incredible work you do by donating clothing, household goods, etc. Please let me know if this is possible as soon as you can, because I want to have all details in place when I approach my grandchildren with this idea. I appreciate all the work you do, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you, Sandy

  • User   2019-05-15 07:27:05

    I read your requirements. You state you have to be clean for a year. I have been on suboxone for a number of years. Do you consider taking suboxone as being clean? I mainly take it now for pain as I have chronic back pain. Thank you

  • User   2019-09-22 21:08:56

    I am a 27 year old single mother of a five year old son. I left an abusive relationship and lost everything except my son. I am in desperate need of getting help to give my child and myself the best life we can have. We have no family. We have no help. I had a little money put back but now i am running so low i can no longer afford a place to sleep. If you have the room and resources, please email me. Thank you very much.

  • User   2019-10-12 21:19:19

    My name is Pam. My mother and family currently live in worcester MA. I am stranded in Franklin County VA. I am a 53 female with bi polar. I am in need of transitional living arrangements. No achol or drugs addictions. I am by myself and originally from worcester MA. I lived their my first 36 years of my life.please help me I do have an income and in need of medical help. Thank you, Pam

  • User   2020-11-02 10:19:12

    Do u alone children in this shelter I have a 7 and almost 12 year old boy

  • User   2021-02-11 11:10:56

    I'm from Southwick, MA. I'm running from a toxic relationship (verbal) I need a place to stay iv been bouncing around my sisters and friends but I think they want there home back. I'm on a permanent income from SSI.

  • User   2021-10-30 21:24:37

    Does Sylvia’s Haven accept donations made on line?

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