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Young Women's Christian Association Of Oklahoma City

The YWCA's transitional housing program is for women and children who are victims of family violence.

Participants have up to two years to obtain the education and job skills training needed to begin a new life.

Services included:

  • Case management
  • Child care
  • Counseling
  • Legal services
  • and transportation

There are seven apartments, including one handicapped accessible unit.

All are equipped with furnishings and basic household items.

The apartments are a two-year housing program that allows a woman to get back on her feet while going to school, job training or working toward self-sufficiency.

Young Women's Christian Association Of Oklahoma City Mission Statement


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  • User   2018-11-15 04:49:04

    My name is Minnie Soap im a 52 year old, grandma, I depend on my daughter who has been taking care of me since I became disabled. Im on home health care. Do to IV antibiotics. Have poor circulation and lost toes and fingers. I go to dialysis every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I need a place to live. Please help me. Thank you. Minnie Soap

  • User   2019-10-05 07:34:41

    I am needing help with a place to stay and help finding a job and or furthering my education. My husband began to beat on me, I ran and now I'm homeless and can't find a job. I love to work it's just hard right now. Before I commit suicide I need to see if I can find help. Thank you

  • User   2019-10-13 20:29:49

    Hi my name brittany I'm 33 yrs old and have a 2 yr old Little boy named Bentley. I just recently left an abusive relationship but in doing so was left homeless with nothing. I'm trying desperately to find job and get back to work but it's so hard with nowhere to live so that I can look presentable for interviews. I just need to get into somewhere that can help me and my son get back on my feet asap.

  • User   2019-11-18 12:15:35

    I'm 50 years old. I live in an abusive home. I don't want to turn to my kids. I just don't want to ask for help and have everyone worrying. I am on disability. But i can paint. I know it's the holidays but i also know it's getting worse. I feel he's gonna throw something at me and hurt me someday bad. He's really not physically abusive as he is mentally abusive.

  • User   2020-06-14 09:32:11

    Please contact me with info.. I'm about to be homeless and would be happy to share why..

  • User   2020-06-18 13:51:04

    hi! i am a mother of 30 years old needing to find transitional housing for me and my 11 year old daughter, we have been residing at the city rescue mission for about two years now and i need to find a place ASAP.

  • User   2020-09-02 00:35:24

    Hello I am a recently again single mother of four 31 years old I have a 12 year old son 7 year old son and 6 year old twins male and female my six-year-old son has very noticeable signs of autism but due to homelessness and domestic abuse off and on for years and little support from family I have not been able to get a diagnosis we have moved from state to state and I really just hoping to finally plant my feet get my Independence back and let my children have a normal life any help from anybody resources is very greatly appreciated Stay safe and have a blessed day

  • User   2020-10-13 10:15:24

    Hi I'm a single mom of 3 kids ages are 17,14,7 and I was currently living with my dad and his gf who was charged with child abuse to her own child and at the time that my kids and I were living with my dad it was just us my kids me and my dad. He moved in his gf and the mental abuse he has put me and my kids thru along with his gf doing the same thing to us i did have a full time job and just lost my job due to the abuse i was enduring and my kids and my dad also threw me and my kids out to the streets a few days ago and i have no transportation either i need help getting a place and job and to get back on my feet and have a better life for my kids. Any help is very grateful and blessed and appreciated and be Safe and God Bless!

  • User   2020-11-19 22:10:35

    Hi I will be homeless by December 30th with 3 kids.. Is there ant help I could receive in order for this to not happen.. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make a better life for my kids.. Please if you could help or point me in the right direction.. Thank you

  • User   2021-03-22 04:59:36

    Hi Im a 26 year old mother of four kids and currently pregnant I just moved from another state from an abusive relationship which left me homeless and I wanted to know if there were any available units to help me get back on my feet.

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