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Coburn Place Safehaven II Inc

Coburn Place opens a door through which women and children fleeing domestic violence can find safe haven.

Coburn Place transforms battered lives by healing painful emotions, teaching valuable life skills, and fostering financial independence and long-term self-sufficiency.

Adult services include:

Individual advocacy and case management

individual and family therapy (provided to residential clients or by referral)

support groupscriminal justice/court advocacyvictim compensation

fund assistance

address confidentiality assistance

HopeLine cellphone assistance

financial literacy and economic empowerment


housing advocacy and education

permanent housing placement and referrals

GED tutoring and education advancement

health/wellness education

healthy relationship classes/groupspre-arranged childcare for appointments/services

budget-stretching direct aid (as available) for food, medical, and transportation assistance

employment/career readiness

substance abuse prevention/treatment referrals

Income-based services include:

6 to 24 months of on-site transitional housingsix to 12 months of community-based transitional housing.

Coburn Place Safehaven II Inc Mission Statement

“Our mission is to empower victims of interpersonal abuse - including domestic violence - to live as survivors. We have transitional housing at our building in Midtown Indianapolis, as well as in our Community Based Housing program. We offer an array of services to all our clients, including those on our waiting list.”

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  • User   2018-12-05 10:49:30

    Hi my name is Katrina. I am needing a temporary assistance to get back on my feet. I recently had to early term my leasing agreement at my apartment due to a domestic violence is incident and now I’m kind of stuck on where I can go. I do have a job I work full-time and at the moment my two kids are in DC hi my name is Katrina. I am needing temporary assistance to get back on my feet. I recently had to early term my leasing agreement at my apartment due to a domestic violence is incident and now I’m kind of stuck on where I can go. I do have a job I work full-time and at the moment my two kids are in DCS foster care. I just need a little Help till I can get my own place again and get my gets back in my care.

  • User   2019-01-31 19:27:50

    I have a long story of what is going on in my life right now.. But the bottom lone is that I need shelter any information that you can provide. Thank you. And God bless!

  • User   2019-05-07 20:13:43

    I'm in need of a place to live. Left a domestic situation

  • User   2019-06-09 20:42:20

    In need of transitional housing or assistance towards getting a place.I've a open chins case n 2 jobs just need assistance came from Iowa n ended m a bad situation plz if u can point me in the right direction Id appreciate it.

  • User   2019-09-30 17:04:14

    hello i am seeking shelter for me and my 7 month old . we are leaving my boyfriend and i dont want him to know i need to provide for me and my child without his rules and ttrying to control me, if u guys can help pls help i nned shelter but im looking to find a place for me and my child to stay a daycare and a job to support us its just hard being around the wrong people

  • User   2019-10-13 04:06:40

    I have a daughter who has been out of contact with me for a few years she got with a guy who moved her off to texas from indiana she got ahold of me out of the blue shes being abused her and now she also has a 1 year old child and a 3 mo old child she needs to get back to indiana and needs help with housing i cant believe he moved her off so far away from any family or friends who can help her shes scared. For her and her babies is there a program that will help get her back to indiana and help her get on her feet again

  • User   2019-10-25 21:50:20

    I'm a single mother of oldest is away in college.... Currently 4 of my children are with me and I plan on sending 3 of them to live with my sister temporarily. I am in a bad relationship and needing a place to live until I am able to get back on my feet. I am working but barely making enough to get by, I also have a vehicle and valid drivers license. I need help to find permanent housing so my children and I are stable and also so they may all come back home with me. I desperately need to move....he has not been physically abusive but there are other issues. My children and I need stability and being dumped every week thinking we'll be homeless is taking a toll on me I also suffer from depression....Please help!

  • User   2019-11-08 22:44:58

    I am 49 and disabled currently homeless been staying between 2 places and my last resort was an ex that is verbally abusive and an alcoholic. He is constantly telling me to leave and called the police on me. I don't have anyplace safe to stay, I no longer associate with most people I know due to their chosen lifestyles of drugs and alcohol. I have multiple disabilities that make it unable to even stand or sit for more than 10 to 15 mins at a time. Therefore finding a part time job is definitely not an option. I receive sis but after car payment and phone bill a loan payment and car insurance I am broke. I lost all my clothing because where I stayed they put my. Belongings outside and the got ruined by the weather. I am at the end of my rope I can not keep fighting and struggling any longer. I am about to just give up. Any help to lead me in the right direction to help me would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you an$ God Bless

  • User   2019-12-20 17:27:41

    I am currently in Oklahoma in a Domestic Violence program trying to relocate to Indiana. My family (mother 85 years of age) and is in need of help I am 60 and is currently on disability. Thank you

  • User   2020-01-09 16:22:32

    Iam in need of housing. Iam currently staying at a friend house she claims I should find a place by next Friday. I need help bad. Iam 63 years old not hooked on drugs or alcohol. I just need shelter until I can get on my own again.

  • User   2022-01-07 18:20:38

    Greetings, I'm a 50 year old female and in dire need of assistance at helping me find housing and a way to stand on my own 2 feet.

  • User   2022-05-12 17:41:45

    Hello, I am submitting this on behalf of my struggling mother. She has four kids, myself included- and none of us have the means or space to be able to help her as we are young adults just getting by.

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