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Drueding Center

Drueding Center staff partner with their families to find solid ground, helping mothers gain the skills and confidence that are the foundation for their future independence and showing their children that success is possible in their lives.

Hope for the future, a most precious commodity for these families, begins to emerge and gradually becomes real and attainable.

Drueding Center Mission Statement

“To care, comfort, and heal. ”

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  • User   2020-11-30 07:56:08

    Good morning. I am reaching out on behalf of my step-daughter. She is almost 23, has a one month old baby girl and is really struggling. She has been hopping from man to man, place to place, looking for refuge and has not found it. She needs help with everything. Unfortunately, during this chaotic time, her father and I can not help her with a place to stay. She is presently in Whitehall, PA and we are trying to get her and her daughter closer and into a place that will teach her to be self-suffficient. My husband and I have tried, multiple times, unsuccessfully. Anything, any information you can give me to help her is greatly appreciated. She has reached out and told us that she is about to be homeless, again. We want to help her and make sure the baby is in a safe place. This is the best we can do at the moment.

  • User   2018-07-17 23:23:16

    I am looking for a shelter or somewhere to live during a hard time in my life. I do have two children I'm 17 years old 9 years old but currently my 17 your old lives with her grandparents and my nine-year-old lives with his father. I have filed for custody for my nine-year-old I'm currently being to go to court ....but i am in a emotional abusive and physical abusive relationship right now and DESPERATELY need somewhere to live. My phone number is 267 596 4251. If someone can contact me during the day while he is at work.....i would greatly appreciate it . thank you

  • User   2019-02-13 10:59:35

    I am a single parent I have a 8 year old daughter we are basically already homeless if u think u can help me in anyway possible could u please write me back please

  • User   2019-02-15 14:00:47

    I am an abused woman started using drugs after 15 yrs clean. I lost my job and became homeless. Can you help me?

  • User   2019-02-17 08:57:19

    I am out of options. I have an 8 year old daughter and we must leave where we are. My bank account is in the negative and we have no food. I’ve been trying to hold on, but I’m finally broken and I can’t do this no more. I receive no help from her father. He knows what’s going on and can offer no help. Please, please contact me through email. I reply faster. I am begging. I’ve never been homeless with a child before.

  • User   2019-08-14 13:56:17

    I’m a 25 yr old mother of a 4 year old daughter and right now her grandmother has custody. I’m homeless and trying to get myself together, so I can get my daughter back. At this point I am out of options. Help me please

  • User   2019-11-16 09:27:00

    Hi I have some youth size shirts that never been used I like to give to anyone that can use them for children one color light tan great brand I will be getting more things soon my friend store is closing just let me know I will drop them off thank you

  • User   2020-02-27 14:10:40

    I'm a single mother of five I'm homeless coming from north Jersey came out here to stay with family and thts not working I'm in need of help can you help me or tell me what I can do

  • User   2020-09-08 11:08:51

    Hola busco un hogar para mí mis hijos y padres y hermano yo estoy a cargo a de ellos yo quiero luchar por mi familia y voy para Philadelphia y no tengo un hogar estable para mí y la familia yo quiero progresar pr favor si me pueden ayudar quiero mejor vida para ellos y mis nne tienen condiciones y mis padres a pr favor ayuda

  • User   2021-05-20 20:25:33

    Hi! I would like to be a volunteer and also I would like to help in any area needed. Can anyone provide me more information on how can I help and became a volunteer. Thank you!

  • User   2021-09-14 19:13:08

    Hi This is very new to me but I have fallen on hard time do to COVID-19 and can't afford to pay my rent I do work part time. I have 2 kids 15 and 12 I have 30 days to leave.

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