Jacksonville, FL - 32201
(904) 354-3114

Hubbard House

Services include:

  • Domestic violence shelter

  • outreach center

  • children's services

Phone numbers:

Administrative: (904) 354-0076 or (904) 354-3114 or (800) 500-1119.

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline

Hubbard House Programs and Services also include:

  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline and Emergency shelter

  • Therapeutic Childcare Center

  • School-Based Educational Programs

  • Emergency Response Advocacy with Police and Medical Personnel

  • Court Advocacy

  • Outreach Counseling

  • Extensive Community Education Activities

  • Collaborative Programs with Local Agencies

  • Batterers' Intervention Program

Hubbard House Mission Statement

“The mission of Hubbard House is safety, empowerment, and social change for victims of domestic violence and their families.”

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