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Quigley House

Quigley House is a comprehensive Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center serving the Clay County Area in Northeast Florida.

Their mission is to provide:

crisis interventiontemporary shelterprotectioncounselingcommunity education and prevention programs to stop domestic abuse and adult sexual assault. ServicesSAFE SHELTER:

They can accommodate up to 46 women and children. Staffed 24-hours by trained and caring advocates. Domestic violence victims may stay in shelter up to eight weeks, victims of non-intimate partner sexual assault may stay up to three days. There are exception procedures for residents requiring longer stays. During the shelter stay, residents are offered case management services to help identify individual goals, identify needed resources to attain the goals, and to identify alternative solutions to barriers encountered. Hotline:

Phone Quigley House Domestic Violence Shelter Greeb Cove Springs Florida24-HOUR HOTLINE: Staffed by trained advocates who provide crisis intervention, safety planning and information and referral to primary and/or secondary victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. VICTIM ADVOCACY:

Their Victim Advocates are located at the shelter, as well as in the Clay County Courthouse.

These advocates assist shelter residents, conduct safety planning, make "Partner Checks" for partners of men attending Alternatives, their batterers' intervention program, and coordinate community services to best meet the needs of the victims.

Quigly House Shelter for Domestic Violence Clay County FLorida.

INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP COUNSELING: for female as well as male victims, and their children, providing victims with the tools to recover: Adult Victims of Domestic Violence Adolescent & Adult Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Adult Victims of Sexual Assault.

CHILD ASSESSMENT AND COUNSELING: In an attempt to break the generational cycle of violence, our child counselor and child advocate assist children in learning critical interpersonal and coping skills such as anger management, boundaries/personal space, and conflict management.

This service is provided in-shelter as well as on an outreach basis.

Quigley House Domestic Violence Shelter Clay County Florida.

ON-SITE ADVOCACY FOR VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT: Trained advocates are available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to provide on-the-scene advocacy, crisis intervention, and support after an emergent report.

ON-SITE ADVOCACY AT THE CLAY COUNTY COURTHOUSE: Their Court Advocates assist victims in filing for injunctions for protection, safety planning, crisis intervention, accompanying victims to Court proceedings, and overall advocacy within the legal system.

These advocates also receive a copy of every domestic violence police report in Clay County so that they may contact each adult victim to offer services.

Their staff are not lawyers, and are thus unable to provide legal advice or representation.

Quigley House Shelter for Domestic Violence Clay County Florida ET SHELTER: Recognizing that many abused women are reluctant to seek shelter without their pets for fear that their pets would be harmed if left behind.

Quigley House has added an on-site 10-run dog kennel, and a climate controlled feline facility that enables abused women to bring their domestic pets with them into shelter.

BATTERER'S INTERVENTION: Quigley's only fee-based service, their "ALTERNATIVES" program for men is a State-certified BIP program aimed to assist batterers to adopt a nonviolent lifestyle and alternative method of communication.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM: As a means of reaching out and encouraging victims in the community to break the silence surrounding domestic violence.

Quigley House utilizes knowledgeable trained staff, Board members and volunteers to promote community awareness concerning the incidents, dynamics, and preventative strategies of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Quigley House also provides in-service training for law enforcement officers, members of the judicial system, medical personnel and others who come into contact with victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Quigley House Mission Statement

“Our goal is to educate every person we come in contact with on the impact of Domestic violence and Sexual violence to prevent further harm. We want to teach every person how a healthy relationship should look, how to spot red flags in a current relationship, and break the cycle of future abuse. ”

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  • User   2019-01-21 17:23:31

    I am seeking shelter for a female friend that is homeless, jobless and needs a place to stay. Who can help her. She will need it immediately and she is in Clay county. Thank you in advance for your help. She also has a cat that needs a foster home until she can get settled if she cannot keep him with her.

  • User   2019-08-19 07:48:46

    I'm being throw out my abusive friend who has let me live here off on for over a year since SSD has been looking at my case again. I have no money or anything to go anywhere and being harrassed continuously.

  • User   2019-12-19 15:08:33

    Im looking for a place for help i am bipolar with extreme axiety and PTSD and going through a divorce i have no one to turn too i also see alot of doctors and would need to continue to see them

  • User   2020-03-29 12:56:35

    We have extra toiletries that we thought others could use. Many of them are in their original packages, as they were given as gifts. Please let us know if you would like them.

  • User   2020-05-26 09:15:09

    I’m in need of helpful information on housing for me and my 2 boys.

  • User   2020-12-27 19:42:17

    I have an 8 year old son. What kind of help and programs do you have for us. I am trying to get out if an abusive relationship with my husband

  • User   2021-01-13 07:36:42

    I'm being kicked out and received one months notice. I have a one year old girl. I have nothing to my name and i have a job in green cove

  • User   2022-12-21 09:18:38

    Over the years I’ve saved up shampoos conditioners body soaps etc most not used at all, some used once. I really believe in this cause donating this to people going through dv bc I understand and I want to help someone not sure how Or where I would take this stuff to but I would love to help these women and men.

  • User   2023-03-22 08:07:29

    How can I volunteer or assist? Are donations welcome? Do you need assistance with cleaning? Is there anything I can do to be of service?

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