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Lotus House Shelter

Lotus House Shelter isa quiet enclave in the heart of one of Miami's poorest neighborhoods providing shelter and support.

The Lotus House offers a sanctuary from life on the streets: a place where the minds, bodies and spirits of women & infants most in need are supported and nurtured.

Lotus House Shelter Mission Statement

“Lotus House is dedicated to improving the lives of women, youth and children experiencing homelessness. We provide sanctuary, support, education, tools and resources that empower them to heal, learn, grow and blossom into who they are truly meant to be.”

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posted Nov 13, 2023
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  • User   2019-03-07 18:41:20

    Hi my name is Ashley I came down to Florida on vacation however things went awry. I am needing shelter.

  • User   2019-04-28 07:13:25

    Do they help with getting you into housing? Or low income housing?

  • User   2020-11-29 10:08:05

    I’m currently unemployed because of the pandemic and I’ve been looking everywhere for work I have no place to stay and I sleep in my car I just want a safe shelter where no one steals , a hot meal and employment how do I get more information?

  • User   2019-01-20 09:19:26

    Please i need help,I am homeless and I have Heart transplant

  • User   2019-04-30 18:58:31

    I moved to GA the end of Jan with my boyfriend and his daughter. But it seems all he does is put me down constantly and makes me feel like ....I’m trying to find options as to i have no income really. And my due date is June 9th. Please get back to me ASAP Thank you, Kelly

  • User   2019-10-12 09:17:12

    i need shelter i work and go to school so i pray u guys help me

  • User   2020-01-23 18:58:02

    I'm currently living with someone who keep threating me to put me out is aggressive towards me all the time yells and trys to fight and argue can't have a normal conversation with out him coming aggressively to me I have 3 kids I just had a baby. Month ago I'm really trying to escape but I have no where to go reason why I'm putting up with it as much as I can please contact me I really need help

  • User   2020-02-10 07:30:09

    Hola buenos dias yo estoy viviendo con el padre de mi hija menor pero es muy humillante conmigo y lo unico que le importa es que yo pague. Yo soy madre de dos niñas pequeñas y ahora embarazada de 3 meses estoy trabajando y solo gano 180 pesos semanales que no me alcansa para nada ahora llego su hijo de cuba hace ya 3 meses y hoy le pedi de favor que le dijera a su hijo que me alludara a pagar las cosas y se puso muy alterado ya yo estoy cansada de que me humillen y maltraten prefiero dormir en la calle pero no quiero perder a mis hijas por eso es que estoy hay aguantando pero lo que puede pasar es que por una incomodidad pierda mi barriga o muera yo por un subion de precion. Contestenme por favor nose ya que hacer

  • User   2020-04-06 23:20:44

    Im in a domestic violence situation im eight months pregnant and i have an eight year old im looking to transition from baltimore to florida i have to leave my place for safety issues i do have income

  • User   2020-04-26 12:46:10

    Necesito un lugar donde quedarme con mis 2 hijitos . Estoy sola en este pais .

  • User   2020-05-16 09:02:41

    Hello. I have women clothing, shoes, baby clothes and pampers to donate. Can someone contact me to let me know what I need to do to get this things to you. Thank you in advance and god bless

  • User   2020-06-29 14:01:40

    Hello, I have children’s books, women’s clothing, shoes and handbags to donate. Where can I take them? Thanks and have a blessed day!

  • User   2020-08-26 15:18:01

    Have plenty of women items, want to give where it’s really needed. Do you take donation

  • User   2020-08-29 14:27:08

    Hello, I have women clothes size 14-22 and can you refer me to a men' s center

  • User   2020-12-11 06:59:52

    Buenas , yo necesito un lugar dónde quedarme solo yo, me podría ayudar

  • User   2021-06-09 19:42:36

    Working about to be homeless

  • User   2023-08-07 18:01:57

    Me and my boyfriend are expecting a child and we are wondering would we both be accepted together? The shelter we are located is terrible...

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