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Hope’s Door New Beginning Center – Garland Outreach

At Hope's Door New Beginning Center, they help individuals and families escape and heal from domestic abuse, dating abuse and family violence through our free trauma-informed services.

Their two emergency shelters offer temporary housing to survivors and their children fleeing life-threatening situations. Clients living in the emergency shelters are provided with food, clothing and all the necessities of daily living along with case management, safety planning, counseling, legal support, and referral to other community resources. Clients can stay in the emergency shelter for up to 90 days and the location of the shelter remains strictly confidential to ensure the safety of those living in the shelter. Children living in the shelter are enrolled in schools nearby or may attend their home school if it is safe to do so.

 In addition to temporary shelter, they offer the following services free of charge at both of their Outreach Centers in Plano and Garland:        

-Counseling sessions for adults and children, including individual and group therapy

-Legal support including legal advice, assistance with protective orders, child custody and divorce, and possible full representation

-Transitional housing services for clients leaving the shelter that includes rental assistance, deposit waivers, case management and life-skills classes

Survivors in need of services other than shelter or those who have left the shelter can access these services in English or Spanish.  Anyone wishing to receive any of our free services are encouraged to call our 24-Hour Hotline, which is answered in English and Spanish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24-Hour Hotline: 972-276-0057

If you are or think you might be in an abusive relationship, know that you are not alone, it is not your fault, and help is available.

Hope’s Door New Beginning Center – Garland Outreach Mission Statement

“The mission of Hope’s Door New Beginning Center is to offer intervention and prevention services to individuals and families affected by intimate partner and family violence and to provide education programs that enhance the community’s capacity to respond.”

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  • User   2019-07-02 23:13:30

    Needing to find assistance for getting on my feet to be independent I need assistance getting on my feet been homeless being unable to find a stable environment.

  • User   2019-10-16 17:29:30

    Hello my name is Precious Turner. I have 2 daughters ages 4 and 7 months old. I was in an abusive relationship with their father. I am relocating to Dallas, Texas. I NEED help. I have no money..I have absolutely NOTHING. Just wondering if you have any openings available? I need a place to stay with my babies..DO NOT want to come to a new city and sleep on the street. If someone can please contact ms as soon as possible with any further information, I will truly appreciate it.

  • User   2020-02-11 01:29:21

    Hi, I am Kai, I’m 18 years old and I’m a college student. My main concern is that I’m trapped in a controlling, verbally abusive household, mainly due to my mother..I’m trying to become independent on my own and seek getting a place with friends Or just up and out into my life doing things I want but my parents take that away with me and are in charge of my bank accounts and won’t allow me to keep my cash I get paid from work/college. I’m really struggling to even live here still as my mom constantly has to find words and ways to degrade me and made me feel unwanted and depressed . Everytime I try to escape I am left with no where to go, no money because my parents take it all and I always end up at square one. I just want to be happy again and be motivated to live my life with a bright side. I can’t find happiness, I can’t feel love living here, I feel like I am never gonna get out. I can’t deal with the words my mom says constantly. I can’t deal with how my freedom to socialize and have friends is taken away from me and constantly having my mother embarrass me by calling my friends and telling them off and ruining my friendships and connections. I need help. I need help. I want to be somewhere where I can live without having to worry and be constantly depressed and abused verbally. I just wanna have friends and succeed and escape. Please

  • User   2020-04-27 11:36:53

    Hello, Everyone I'm a mom of three and have lots of women and a young girls clothing to donate. Please advise where I can donate. Thanks, Izzy

  • User   2020-06-17 08:45:38

    please ive been abused in everyday, ive lost everything including my way, im in desperate need of help with everything my kids are in cps they are not wanting to offer me any help please i. Need help

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