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New Path Homeless Shelter

New Path provides:

shelter for homeless women and children domestic violence survivors pregnant teens homeless teens men By appointment only.

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  • User   2019-12-12 17:15:16

    Me and my fiance have 3 kids and trying to start over

  • User   2020-01-03 10:47:24

    I work with an organization that is interested in donating sleeping bags and jackets to an organization that serves the homeless.

  • User   2020-01-12 08:07:29

    I need help

  • User   2020-01-29 07:57:47

    I'm homeless and needs help

  • User   2020-02-03 16:40:57

    Hello. Im 7 months pregnant and im really in need of a place to stay temporarily. If you have any information or can help in any way i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  • User   2020-02-17 05:54:25

    Does your organization accept clothing donations?

  • User   2020-03-04 16:54:26

    Hello my name is Tainesha Bryant and i have 3children all girls age range from 14,7, and one month old. Im currently homeless staying with someone and a survivor of domestic violence. I was suppose to be apart of the program for housing thru the organization but i got kicked out the program because i was unaware not the file my taxes for 2019 so now im back at square one all over again. Please help with any information that can help myself and family. Thanks

  • User   2020-03-12 11:41:48

    Good Morning my name is Christina Bagby I am a Women of Domestic Violence and My Children was molested by my abuser I need help i go to court on march 18 2020 to get my four kids back thats in Foster care I need help getting housing for me and my children can you help me i don't want my children to live in fear anymore or myself please can you help get emergency housing for me and my children Iam fighting to get them back.

  • User   2020-03-14 15:32:16

    I'm homeless right now and I really need help with a place to go.... therefore I'm open for anyplace that's available right now.

  • User   2020-07-12 01:39:00

    I have bags of clothing for women in need very decent and good quality sizes ranging from 10 to 14 jeans, dresses. I will drop them off.

  • User   2020-11-16 06:03:34

    Do you allow newborn children

  • User   2021-06-03 11:19:03

    I would like to donate some women’s clothing, coats, scarves and hats. Do you accept this type of donation? If so, how do I go about getting it to your location ?

  • User   2021-07-05 18:35:55

    Hi im homeless with my 2 kids and we need a place to stay temporarily

  • User   2021-08-13 23:35:46

    Me in my three month old is currently homeless in looking for shelter

  • User   2022-07-29 16:42:51

    What are the requirements

  • User   2022-09-27 12:09:36

    please call the shelter or go there. I'm pretty sure they won't see this, and they want to help you!

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