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Samaritas House, Heartline

Shelter, food, a supportive environment , discipline to women leaving the Correction System or who are homeless.

They serve women who are on probation for a:

  • criminal offense
  • serving a sentence through the criminal justice system
  • leaving a drug rehabilitation program
  • escaping a home broken by addiction
  • battered or in an abusive relationship

All residents receive counseling and support to help them become productive citizens.

Samaritas House, Heartline offers a woman many opportunities.

Residents can:   

  • Complete her basic education and earn a GED   
  • Complete her incarceration period   
  • Work on sobriety and drug rehabilitation   
  • Find employment   
  • Acquire vocational training
  • Residents have numerous responsibilities

They are expected to:   

  • Show respect for others and self   
  • Maintain proper grooming and dress   
  • Keep appointments   

Observe the rules:

  • no drugs, no alcohol, no sex, no fighting, no weapons   
  • Share in the housecleaning   
  • Learn meal planning   
  • Budget, save and live within their income   
  • Obtain proper identification in order to secure employment and access to community resources

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  • User   2018-12-29 16:15:22

    I would like to donate some items that are in good condition and would like to know the donating process.

  • User   2019-10-28 01:38:07

    I have items to donate that are in good condition; your donating process?...

  • User   2019-12-21 15:07:16

    I have been collecting toiletries specifically for women, socks, underwear, razors, soaps, purses from friends and self. Would you be interested in these items? I can bring them down tomorrow or next week.

  • User   2020-01-14 14:54:22

    Hi, I would like to donate makeup I that I don't need or use.. I was wondering the process off donating.

  • User   2020-03-17 15:59:25

    I have clothes, bras, socks, shoes, and costume jewelry that belonged to my late mother. While we could sell or give to the Goodwill, my sister and I would like to donate them to a women's shelter where we know they will be more appreciated. Will you please let me know the process to donate.

  • User   2020-08-30 12:27:10

    I'm on ssdi I'm 49 bipolar 2 PTSD slight agnorbobic, anxiety, anger compulsive disorder, formerly abused by ex husband, single mom of 3 adult children, degenerative nerve in back,sarcoidosis and borderline diabetes. Have some college , in debt from schooling, have completed M.R.S twice. Homeless need low income apt. No felonies or misdemeanors. Have license no tickets. Bad bad credit. I belong to northwest unity Baptist. Help me . I have a therapist and a psychiatrist at the development center.

  • User   2023-04-14 09:26:53

    Do they allow children to stay with the parents here? I'm from out of state, currently stuck here on probation & i have 2 babies with nowhere to go.

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