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Women & Family New Life Program

The Women and Family New Life Program at the Adams St. Family Campus is open to single women, men or women who are single parents, and couples with children age Kindergarten and up.
This comprehensive program addresses all aspect of client's lives, particularly their health as individuals and families.
This includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and social growth.

The program endeavors to support healthy relationships, marriages, and parenting.
All families are connected with the Child & Youth Program.

Program participants take part in the Women and Family New Life Program for a minimum of one year.
Qualified participants may then have the opportunity to stay on in transitional housing, as part of the Applied Living Program.
There is a 2 year (combined) limit for New Life program and transitional housing stay.

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Each family has their own apartment with kitchen and bathroom.
Single women share a room.
Participants are able to do their own cooking.
For women: Classes from 7:30am to noon, M-F.
Classes include: Academics, Bible, Life Skills and Recovery.
Men attend classes at the Downtown Tacoma Campus.
Required attendance at Bible studies and church on Sundays.
The first 30 days are a Black Out, with no contact with anyone outside the program.
Beyond Black Out, trips off-campus are permitted with a signed pass.
Weekly room checks ensure that home management lessons are being applied. (Emphasis on cleanliness, organization, and personalization.)  
Volunteer in kitchen, and complete other chores as assigned.
Once weekly one-on-one mentoring.
Participants come together once a month for a potluck, BBQ, or special celebration. In the summer, there are outings planned for all the families.
Exercise classes are hosted at the Adams St. Family Campus, and program members have access to the YMCA.
GED (high school diploma equivalency) Preparation classes are available.


To participate in the Women & Family New Life Program, there must be an apartment open that fits the individual's or family's needs, and they must meet the following requirements:

Have no court-pending issues
Have no violent crime or domestic violence charges on record
Be open and willing to participate in their faith based program
Families must have children age kindergarten or older


In the Applied Living Program, previous Women & Family New Life Program participants continue in transitional housing at Adams St. Continued support is available through mentoring, classes, and case management.

To qualify for the Applied Living Program, a participant has to have been a willing and engaged member of the Women & Family New Life Program, and must be in school, working, or interning for the New Life Program.

Weekly room checks continue while in the Applied Living Program, and participants continue to receive support, through access to mentoring, Bible studies, etc.
However, Applied Living Program participants do not have to take part in daily classes, and are free to come and go from campus, as they like.

Tacoma Rescue Mission, Inc. Mission Statement

“To offer God’s help, hope and healing to the most impoverished members of our community. ”

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  • Reply User   2019-03-24 13:34:20

    I starkly disagreeing with your “Required attendance at Bible studies and church on Sundays.” It’s not just contradictory to common psychological practice, but it’s also morally reprehensible to use coercion as a tool to offer help, which should be offered regardless of any religious alliance. It also goes against the American ideal of the first amendment to freely choose your religion. Thank you for helping people, but please do it without a dogmatic requirement.

  • Reply User   2018-01-10 10:34:36

    I am 58 year old f with degenerative disc disease I'm homeless and need help can you help me ?

  • Reply User   2018-06-15 15:13:44

    I'm a 54 year old female with congestive heart failure and diabetes insulin-dependent I'm homeless and need somewhere to go ASAP as like right now if you can help me can you please get back to me my number is 253 231 2461 and thank you

  • Reply User   2019-03-29 20:01:02

    Do you need donations? I have a couch, twin bed, dresser and book shelf that I'd rather donate than sell or dump. I'd also rather donate to someone who will use it than than profit from it.

  • Reply User   2019-12-07 02:34:25

    Do you accept used, but good socks?

  • Reply User   2020-03-25 11:56:17

    Please contact me so I can apply. I am a single 26 year-old female who is in a toxic, domestic violence relationship and about to be kicked out on the streets. I’d really rather not live in my car.

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