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Hope Guest House

Hope Guest House provides congregate care for women with physical or mental disabilities.
Case management through any mental health facility.

Hope Guest House Mission Statement


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  • Reply User   2019-12-13 00:13:03

    I'm looking for transitional housing. I have both physical and mental disabilities and hoping for a safe place to stay until I can get on my feet. I'm currently loving with my boyfriend and both him and his child have anger and emotional instabilities and I no longer feel safe here. Please contact me if you can help me in anyway. Sincerely April

  • Reply User   2019-12-14 17:22:07

    I am a 64 year lld female so isolated in Olalla that I need help to be able to sign up for needed goods and services. I do not drive. I have lupus. A homeless shelter would require metoi be outside alot. I physically could not survive. I need access to medical, paratransit and help findiing an affordble place to live. The landlord I live with will not help me get away to community where there is lso a bus route. I need maintenance medcial care I cannot get to either. Intake interviews at home can't happen because other people are not allowed to be on his property. Social workers can pull up to the gate. But, they would have to stay in their cars and interview me in their front seats. He will take me to where he is already going. It took me 3+ months to get his help to get a state ID. He drinks a lot and I am araid to ride with him. I can't get help enough from my male houseemate and I can't get help from the outside. Even my new food stamps can not be used now.I can't use medicaid or medicare. I have been on Social Security disability for a long time. All I can use it for now is rent and online ordering of groceries that can be delivered...Please help me ...I can help myself if I can get a new roof over my head and can be with other folks...

  • Reply User   2020-04-07 19:45:43

    I am 55 and disabled mentally and physically and looking for shelter I have been sleeping in my car and can no longer do this is it hurts too badly do you have any shelters that I could have thank you in advance.

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