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Caring Center Transitional Housing

Caring Center Transitional Housingis a multi-program, not-for-profit organization in Boone County, Indiana, serving hundreds of needy families and thousands of individuals annually through the dedication of scores of volunteers.

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  • User   2019-02-08 18:48:31

    I'm trying to find out who is in charge of the women's shelter. I have a car in very good shape. Motor and engine perfect. The car is coming from my father-in-law because he is not well enough to drive anymore. I once was an abused woman that was beaten physically and mentally. Then he sexually abused our daughters. That's when I drew the line and left him. We left with the clothes on our backs and no furniture, car or anything. But we were free from the abuse. And that's what I want to do from some woman that finally had enough and decided to save her and her children's lives. A woman who has nothing but is working very hard for her family to provide and have a safe home. If you can help putting me in touch with the director of the woman's shelter so I can talk this over with her.

  • User   2018-08-13 16:21:56

    As of right now my husband myself and our 3 children are homeless and have no where to go I don't know what to do or where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated just need pointed in the right direction never been in this situation.

  • User   2019-07-31 16:18:48

    I have a daughter with 2 little ones and she is being abused and beat on. I cant take her in where I am because im staying with friends as well. I need to know who and where I can take her for help. She will be homeless tomorrow night. Thank you,

  • User   2019-07-19 03:13:26

    Hi, I am a single mother of two children, and a divorced woman of a previous mental and physical abuseing carless husband, whom I divorced a year ago. I have had no luck due to his dedicated desire to completely uproot and tear my life to shreds.. I have since went to jail because of a theft I hadn't comment whatsoever, giving upon my release my parents have helped with my children as I am in desperate need of any housing assistance as well as employment help as well. I have nothing for myself as far as enough clothes, no transportation, and no work given my resent release from jail. I am in desperate need of a fresh new start for myself and my children with any greatful blessings you or your staff can guide me with. I am willing to do whatever it is to help get me and my children back on track from this horrific fall I've tooken this past year and a half. I would greatly appreciate any answer or help received entirely. Thank you in advance. Kasey morgan

  • User   2021-07-18 13:57:11

    My wife recently passed away and I'm trying to donate some of her used clothing. Do you know of any womens homeless shelters nearby?

  • User   2022-03-14 17:33:43

    Could the shelter use some nice womens clothing. My wife passed almost a year ago. I know that she would want to donate them to a abuse shelter. I will just throw them away before giving them to Goodwill. Thank You

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