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Good Shepherd Shelter

Languille Emergency shelter, located at 267 N. Belmont Ave., Los Angeles, provides a temporary home for 30 women who are taking the first crucial step out of homelessness toward a life of dignity and self-sufficiency.
The women who come through the doors of Languille have lived on the streets or in their cars, fled domestic violence, suffered a job loss, experienced health problems or other life circumstances that led them to homelessness.

This is a 12-week program designed to empower women to obtain the resources needed to become self-sufficient.

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Women at Languille Emergency Shelter receive the following services:

Three meals a day
Basic necessities such as clothing and toiletries
Case Management/Resources & Referrals
Job development and employment services
Communal setting

Languille Emergency Shelter is a 12-week program that empowers homeless women to obtain the resources needed to become independent.

Theprogram includes:

Women may stay for up to 12 weeks and are housed in shared rooms in a safe, comfortable setting.

Basic Necessities:
They provide three meals a day, clothing, toiletries and other provisions.

Case Management:
Case managers conduct an initial intake with each woman to assess her immediate needs and determine a plan for longer term housing, employment and health maintenance.
Each resident must develop a personal plan for housing and finance and meets with a case manager at least once a week to discuss her progress.

Job Development and Employment Services:
An on-staff job coach assists the residents with resume writing, interview skills and finding job openings.
Between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., residents are required to seek employment and supportive services outside the residence.

Placement into Transitional or Permanent Housing:
Case managers assist the residents with securing permanent or transitional housing following their 12-week stay.

After a resident's 12-week stay has concluded, she may take advantage of their aftercare support and continue to use the services of the Drop-In Program.
Throughout this period, case managers maintain contact with the former residents to track their progress.

Drop-In Services:
Women utilizing their drop-in services have the opportunity to go through an intake process and receive referrals for housing, health care and other social services.

Good Shepherd Shelter for Battered Women & Children serves Los Angeles with therapy, education, and on-going support.
They provide a safe environment for women and children and give them a second chance at happiness.
Good Shepherd Center offers the core programs of shelter, food, case management and employment services, all of which are designed to help guide homeless women toward lives of independence.
Their programs provide a continuum of services which help women every step of the way as they move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.
The Mobile Outreach Van provides basic necessities and critical support services to women living on the streets.
Languille Emergency Shelter is the first stop for those taking their first steps out of homelessness.
Their Women's Village, which consists of Angel Guardian Home, Hawkes Transitional Residence, and Farley House, offers women and their children the opportunity to rebuild their lives through affordable transitional and long-term housing, education and training, and employment services.
They serve 700 to 1,000 women and children each year in a spirit of dignity and love through their outreach efforts as well as through their four residences.
All Good Shepherd Center residents must be committed to getting their lives back on track by following their rigorous program guidelines.
For these women, they provide a safe and supportive environment to begin rebuilding their lives.
Services are provided without regard to race, religion or ethnicity and religious participation is not required.

Their programs empower homeless women to:

Sleep safely and comfortably off of the perilous streets
Eat nutritious meals
Improve their mental health
Increase their earning potential through education and training
Earn a living wage through job placement
Create a foundation for financial stability
Develop and achieve short and long-term goals
Reunite with their children
Rebuild their lives for a better future
Secure permanent housing

Good Shepherd Shelter Mission Statement

“The mission of Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women and Children is to empower women and their children to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency, through housing, employment and support services offered with dignity and love. ”

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No children are allowed at this particular address but they are affiliated with transitional housing that take children
posted Feb 28, 2021

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  • User   2020-02-13 02:43:09

    Times are hard. Being homeless , living in my car in and out of homes with my son . I'm tired and need help. Can you send some information please , I'd really like to try ur program!

  • User   2020-02-11 09:14:24

    Hello I need shelter until I can find Housing. I have a job and a Section 8 Housing Voucher.

  • User   2019-07-10 01:08:07

    Hi there I’m inquiring about a place to stay for my cousin she lost her job and is homeless right now and need a place to stay so she can get back on her feet. Please send me some information about your program. I’d love to get her in it! Thank you!

  • User   2019-08-05 07:10:32

    Do you do pick ups for women’s clothing. My friend has 20 bags of his deceased wives clothing. The clothing and shoes are mostly casual, pants, jeans, sneakers etc. it is in good shape and would be appropriate for young women. He lives in 90211 zip code. If you don’t do pick ups, are you aware of any place that does. Thank you

  • User   2019-09-19 15:41:57

    Hi, I'm starting a small family-owned business and we are interested in donating a portion of our proceeds to your organization. I am the founder of the business and a former victim of domestic abuse. I actually believe my life was saved because there was a shelter like yours for me and my young daughter to go to. I am passionate about giving back to help other women.

  • User   2019-12-11 17:57:18

    I need information for my sister currently she's homeless can you please help

  • User   2019-12-29 04:26:25

    I'm in need of emergency shelter I'm relocating from la vegas due too .domestic violence verbal and physical

  • User   2019-12-29 22:27:13

    Hello i am in desperate need of housing or some type of program to help me get back on the right track. Im a victim of demestic violence. I have 3 kids 1 years 7 and 17. I left everything and now have no place to stay. Been homeless since Oct. Please i am reaching out for help please don't just pass my cry fir help by.

  • User   2020-01-04 11:11:20

    I need to return California los Angeles. I will be homeless. I have an income but nowhere to go when i return. Im hoping you could help for a short term. I need mental health services also. I should be in LA on February 6

  • User   2020-02-06 16:51:38

    Good afternoon, I am about to be homeless with my 2 children within the next couple weeks. I am in need of a shelter until I find some place to ltent and something I can afford. Please contact me before me and my children become homeless with Or tell me what I need to do to start process to stay in shelter temporarily. Thank you

  • User   2020-02-13 21:37:36

    I am homeless, 69 years of age, receive Social Security Retirement. Is Languille Emergency Shelter still open? What do I need to do to qualify for a bed? Thank you.

  • User   2020-02-22 15:02:00

    I am in a difficult situation. I have to move out soon. I don't want to be homeless. I need a place to stay, ASAP. Please help me find a women's shelter

  • User   2020-04-01 01:53:02

    hello there seems to be some confusion, to all the wonderful people in need writing asking for help on this page right here I'm pretty sure THE SHELTER ITSELF DOES NOT SEE THIS PAGE OR THESE COMMENTS and if you want to request help then go to the top left of this page. This is a page that helps people find shelters but it is not run by the shelters. On the top left of this page the shelter's address and phone number are listed, and below those is a square box that you can click that links to their website and some pages have one you click to email them.

  • User   2020-04-30 10:37:57

    They are lying this is the worst place I've ever been to I don't recommend anyone living here they treat their clients like crap they don't take the initiative to make sure that their clients is house to make sure that they clients have counseling I stayed there for about 2 months work super hard for them to tell me that I was too young for their program I don't recommend anyone going here they will definitely set you up for failure if I was you

  • User   2020-10-29 14:02:15

    I'm currently homeless and living in my car. I lost my job and home and in desperate need of help. Please contact me soon. Thank you.

  • User   2020-12-21 13:26:14

    Wonderful shelter. I stayed here for 3months back in 2016. I was housed but not by the case manager there! Sometimes you need outside assistance to get the job done!.. I had a goal to be in my own place by Thanksgiving and it happened! In turn Good Shepherd provided me with plates pots and pans ect. Sometimes you gotta be still and let God work it out and through you which I have done. I made a promise to myself that NO MAN will ever cause me to be out in the streets HOMELESS!.. I have lived up to my promise as it has been 4 year's of me being in my OWN large 1 bedroom apartment. God bless you all and Good Shepherd for being there when I need them.

  • User   2021-05-24 02:42:08

    Hello! I was wondering if this place accepts clothing donations for women. The clothes is in great conditions and I want to give them to people who are in need.

  • User   2022-06-30 23:41:32

    I stayed there from March 8th to June 14th of 2016. It was okay. I didn't really like the chores I had to do, or having to sign in for just about everything, even meals. They gave me some clothes, telling me they were for jobs, but they weren't really. I still have a couple of dresses, a green one I wear in spring and fall and one I never wore, I don't even know where it is anymore. The food was okay, not the best, but not the worst, either. I hated that we had the same exact thing for dinner on Mondays. I got tired of it pretty quickly. I had bad anxiety and couldn't sleep at night, especially with that flat pillow I had on bed. It left me very tired during the day, but I wasn't allowed to lie down anywhere but the park, and of course, I didn't really sleep. (We were kicked out of the shelter every day at 9:00 a.m. and not allowed to come back until 4:00 p.m. every weekday. Only on weekends could we stay in.) About the only things I really liked were the cream puffs, the lemon bars and the cream of mushroom soup donated by the Village Kitchen to the shelter. The Village Kitchen has been closed down for the last few years. I'd always wanted to go there. But I never did. I've looked at some of the reviews of the place recently, and they are really bad. Sounds like things have gone downhill lately. So I guess I won't return to that place.

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