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Angel Step Inn Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter

Angel Step Inn provides emergency shelter for battered women with a history of using alcohol and other drugs.

They also accept battered women into their shelter that do not have a history of alcohol or other drug use.

The following services are available to domestic violence victims seeking shelter and/or residing in their shelter program:

  • 24-Hour Hotline - Trained staff and volunteers offer immediate crisis counseling and support to victims of domestic abuse using our dedicated crisis hotline. Hotline services are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Emergency Shelter - They offer short-term shelter and assistance locating long-term shelter for single women and women with children fleeing intimate partner violence.
  • Counseling - Individual counseling services are available to women and children residing at their crisis shelter.

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  • User   2020-02-11 18:25:08

    Hi my name is Jackie, the reason why I’m writing to you is because I’m stuck in a hole at the moment . Almost a month ago I lost my job and my apartment in Denver , Co because my ex boss said he was paying me too much but yet didn’t pay me until the 13th. I couldn’t find a job in time to pay off that rent fee . My sister got me a bus ticket and took me in at her place in Brea, Ca. Right now my sister and her fiancé are fighting and putting me in the middle saying I’m lazy and doesn’t do anything . I recently started work a week ago and have been working everyday. I accidentally made a mess in the car and now every little thing I do wrong is an opportunity for them to kick me out. All I do is sleep , work and sleep. On my day off I clean and relax inside but for them I’m lazy. I need a reliable place to stay for now until I save up enough money to be on my own. Please just give me a year to stay and save up so I can be independent again. Thank you for your time to read this. Have a great day

  • User   2019-04-14 14:44:11

    What about if a woman doesn't have a child but has a DOG?....

  • User   2019-11-09 15:32:45

    Hi, I wanted to know if I could donate some clothing. Please le me know, I have some men and women's clothing to give.

  • User   2019-11-25 02:43:18

    Hi I have a son he is 1 I'm coming from vegas in need of assistance in a very bad domestic violence situation in dont wanna be in Nevada ..

  • User   2019-12-24 16:05:45

    Do you have any resources for men I get social security ?

  • User   2020-03-25 00:26:40

    we got laid off cant afford to stay at my sister nomore cause i have to many ppl it me and my kids at this time dont have nowhere to go .. my money i had saved is running out

  • User   2020-11-11 15:22:00

    Good afternoon, I want to know if I can get more information in regards to housing I’m soon to be homeless and I’m a single mom of five ?

  • User   2021-08-17 07:11:47

    12 yrs ago I made a mistake and fell in love with an extremely violent man. Unfortunately by time I realized it I was stuck. Thankfully I got out just in time before the man hung himself and according to the police officers had I been home he would have probably killed me first. Now I've already been through a shelter and for 5 years now been on my feet, but I can't help when I run into a abused woman I can't but try and help. Current I have one of these abused women and I've been helping her. Gave her clothes, food and have had her at my home for the pass week, but I can't keep her here she needs help I can't provide getting her kids from another state and help with alcohol and drug use. I'm leaving California in a few days moving to Az but I need to find a shelter that can take her and keep her safe.

  • User   2022-07-12 15:14:48

    Can women and teen kids stay here?

  • User   2023-01-10 14:00:58

    I want to give back to the community by volunteering my time.

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