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Dallas Providence Homes - Emily's Place

Emily's Place provides long-term transformational care to women and their children in a shared living environment for up to 24 months.

Residents are required to abide by house rules to be respectful of the safety and privacy of the other residents.

A commitment and active engagement by the women to participate in their development is essential to their progress.

All women receive one-on- one counseling and case management sessions focusing on their individual needs.

Together with their counselor and case manager they map out measurable goals based on 11 categories of development.

Emily's Place supports them in the successful completion of their goals in order to prepare them for independence and a successful transformation.

Resources needed to attain the goals each woman maps out for her long-term success are met through internal programs as well as assistance from partners within the community.

Partnerships with local, state and federal agencies and/or businesses allow Emily's Place to strategically combine resources to best fit the needs of the women and children they serve.

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  • User   2018-01-22 08:38:39

    Do you take donations??? I have a lot of "like new" clothes that I have collected for 43 yrs.and couldn't bear to let go of. Orrrr, do you know anywhere that could use these clothes to help women get a fresh start???

  • User   2018-02-21 09:43:17

    Hi, I am leading a small group of women from One Community Church who are looking for a way to serve our community at least once every other month. We just began as a group and the women seem very interested in helping with a local women's shelter. Are there some ways we could be of assistance to you? We are very hard working professional women who want to help meet needs in our community.

  • User   2019-01-19 11:43:38

    Do you need women's suits for ladies that are trying to re-enter the workforce? I have size 16 and 18s. Some gently worn some new.

  • User   2019-08-21 12:52:04

    My daughter has left a message. She is homeless and looking for a place to help her start over. She needs help with counseling, job training and abuse. Please tell me you have room for her.

  • User   2019-09-02 23:16:35

    I just moved in w/my older sister in April of this year. For the last 3 1/2 years I was the sole caregiver for my mom who had Alzheimer's, but she passed away Feb of this yr. I am homeless and although I have a college degree, I've not been able to work, as I'm missing almost all of my teeth. (Not due to drug abuse). My sister's husband has been trying to blackmail me into allowing him to see or touch my breasts. He comes into my rm uninvited and asks me for hugs. He's grabbed my breasts before and no matter what I say or do, he just won't stop. As a victim of sexual abuse as a child, as well as a rape survivor, I feel I'm right on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. Can you help me?

  • User   2019-12-26 08:48:22

    I am a single parent with a 17year old girl I am having a really hard time because she had heart surgery last month and lost my job because of it I take care of my dad he's disable and I have very little help I just need a start our life's over just me and my daughter I'm tried of struggling with the bills and make it work I can't work because we're we live no jobs are hiring I have went to 5 and keep calling them she is a vitim of sexual assult bye her father he's servings 10to 20 in prison

  • User   2021-02-17 21:23:10

    I m a 56 year old woman looking for a chance to go throu

  • User   2022-03-05 19:43:14

    Do you accept single women of abuse?

  • User   2022-08-23 10:04:58

    Do you take donations of clothing and personal care items?

  • User   2022-10-30 16:40:57

    Do you accept clothing donations, and will you pick it up?

  • User   2022-10-31 16:39:20

    Do you accept clothing donations, and will you pick it up?

  • User   2022-12-07 11:11:57

    My wife passed away and I have all her clothes, shoes, boots that I would like to donate Please tell me how to donate them to Emily's House to help out these women, It was a cause near and dear to my wife's heart. She was a leader in Celebrate Recovery at Saddleback Church when we lived in Southern California.

  • User   2023-01-08 20:52:45

    We have some brand new or hardly used women's clothing. We also have some blankets.

  • User   2023-05-02 15:44:37

    Do you have to have kids to stay here an how do I apply?

  • User   2023-10-26 09:07:25

    I use to print on shirts and I have a few (all different sizes) for women and a couple for kids that have never been worn. I also have some christmas ornaments that I have made. I also have come coffee cups. I was wondering if I could donate these or what items can I donate to your organization. Thank you

  • User   2024-01-31 11:44:29

    Do you take clothing donations, furniture or any other items at your facility?

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